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Today’s News - Monday, March 19, 2012

•   ArcSpace offers eyefuls of a School of Music in Lisbon.

•   Driehaus (yes, that Driehaus) says "it isn't too late to get the Eisenhower memorial right" and explains the "precedent for reversing such a flawed selection process."

•   The must-read of the day: an in-depth and fascinating look at what life is really like for young foreign architects flocking to China for work: while it may seem like everything is a chance to "think big," the reality can be quite different: "For all the lip service given to creativity, too often the results are cookie-cutter."

•   King looks into the Plan Bay Area's aim to grow without sprawl: housing advocates want denser growth while critics argue the opposite.

•   The same debate is going on in Canada as well: while "housing density pundits" argue for compact neighborhoods "filled with renters huddled together in a hip and cool downtown," there seems to be "a cultural shift" with multi-generational single-home demand rising.

•   Benfield minces no words about why he considers Apple's new campus design "is bad for urban America": it gets away with "violating even the most basic tenets of smart growth and walkability...Yes, it will be iconic, assuming you think a building shaped like a whitewall motorcycle tire is iconic, but..."

•   Brew's "sustainability and affordability buttons" were pushed when he discovered how costly Solar Decathlon model homes cost, so plans are afoot to launch an RMI competition where the entries would be permanent, affordable homes built where they're actually needed.

•   Pearman gives (mostly) thumbs-up to the new King's Cross station concourse, but what truly has him cheering is what's going on in the area around it: "for once all this has not been a free-for-all but by British standards a painstakingly planned process over many years with a good roster of architects."

•   Snohetta is bringing its "architecture of engagement" to Oman's capital "as part of a comprehensive urban facelift of the city."

•   Doig is a bit disturbed by the current trend for starchitect-designed "ultra-mod" parks that, "at times, scrub away any sense of nature or versatility."

•   Grading five projects attempting to achieve their own "High Line Effect."

•   It looks like plans to demolish Robin Hood Gardens is a done deal, leaving preservationists bitterly disappointed.

•   In Sarasota, "no one wants to repeat the Riverview High debacle" as the fate of another Rudolph-designed high school awaits its fate.

•   Dvir tries to divine the future of "an outstanding icon of Modernist design" in Tel Aviv.

•   Brussat has high praise for Watkin, "the first to take an ax to modern architecture's leading principle - historicism."

•   Team Canada announces 18 winners who will head to the Venice Biennale 2012.

•   Call for entries: Landscape, Architecture & Wine International Student Design Competition.


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