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Today’s News - Tuesday, March 6, 2012

•   A most welcome trend: "Once the first thing to be cut in a time of recession, the arts are proving their worth" in even smaller cities as a "go-to source of a hand up" instead of needing a handout.

•   The spaceship-like Mind Museum in Taguig City, Philippines, is not "a substitute for schools, but rather a way to help breed scientific literacy" (in a very cool space).

•   Far from being what critics called a "bridge to nowhere," Calatrava's new Dallas bridge "does, in fact, go somewhere," connecting a long overlooked neighborhood to downtown.

•   Davies x 2: he offers some eye-opening numbers re: urban densities: "the entire population of Australia could be accommodated within 25 km radius of Melbourne's CBD, provided it were settled at the current density of Brooklyn."

•   He calls for "a stop to treating sustainability as something extraordinary - it should be treated as 'a given,' just like we take it for granted buildings won't fall down."

•   In the South Bronx, Via Verde is a model of sustainability and affordability - and luring middle-income residents to a "once-ravaged neighborhood."

•   Despite criticism from English Heritage, Design Council Cabe, and UNESCO, the controversial £5.5 billion Liverpool Waters plan gets a thumbs-up: "we can have the strikingly modern, while retaining our world heritage status."

•   On a brighter note, Rose tools around "the hidden architectural highlights of London 2012 Olympics" that "are more than just a field of also-rans" and "architecture Britain should be proud of" (great slide show proves his point).

•   Nichols cheers Medellín's "library parks" built for its poorest residents that "are bringing sanity and community to one of the world's most violent cities."

•   Kamin cheers (with caveats) Chicago's prototype library design: one "offers a solid mix of form and function while another falls short" (but they're both a step in the right direction).

•   An impressive (and intriguing) mix of talent on the shortlist for a new U.S. Embassy in Mexico City.

•   University at Buffalo's shortlist for a new school of medicine is no less impressive.

•   In Israel, Dvir cheers plans for an oh-so-green campus in Ashdod + the Waldorf-Astoria Jerusalem draws on the "eco-building talents" from a tiny kibbutz in the Negev Desert (talent, indeed!).

•   Van Valkenburgh has thoughtful plans for a 55-acre park in Tulsa.

•   SHoP snags architect/urbanist Chakrabarti: "we're going to reinvent urbanism" (no doubt!).

•   We couldn't resist: McRae offers a lexicon of archi-babble for the future: #10: "Needing a Taco: the state of being in which an architect is taking him or herself wayyyyy too seriously."


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