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Today’s News - Monday, March 5, 2012

•   ArcSpace brings us luscious eyefuls of Cloepfil's Clyfford Still Museum in Denver.

•   Rochon cheers Pritzker pick: Wang Su's architecture "could provide a powerful counterpoint to his country's history-obliterating urbanization. China should listen up - that is, if it can hear his message over the roar of the bulldozers."

•   King finds a silver lining in suspending plans for its Legorreta-designed Mission Bay campus: "Even when they don't pan out, well-publicized designs that defy the conventional grain can alter reality" and "shift the public expectation of how things should be."

•   Farrelly x 2: she minces no words about what she thinks of potential Barangaroo casino: "our cretinous mediocrities tend to be big ones. Not glamorously, audaciously, breathtakingly big. Just big in terms of city-fabric devastation. Big in terms of opportunities lost."

•   On the other hand, she pens an ode to engineers - and their "their near-endangered status": maybe "it's also time to tweak the knowledge model...Make the word engineer mean something a little less Roads and Maritime Services, a little more Brunelleschi."

•   TED curator Anderson explains why The City 2.0 won this year's TED Prize: "The creation and redevelopment of the world's cities offers us all the ultimate design challenge. We must seize this moment."

•   Two reports from Design Indaba 2012 in Cape Town: MIT's Rati and Nabian explain how new technology is "democratizing access to urban information," allowing "citizens to participate in optimizing how the space of the city is used" + two South African architects tackle how "architecture can contribute to outcomes of change" and why "South Africa requires an architecture of equality."

•   Heathcote's heart is heavy over "fine modernist buildings around London being destroyed to make way for bigger, more efficient and sustainable - and less interesting - architecture"; it's not a plea to save every one, but to think about ways of reusing "buildings that embody the intelligence and the energy of an era more confident and more comfortable in its vision of modernity than ours."

•   McGuigan muses on the dilemma of architects and preservationists grappling with old buildings and new ideas: "How should the past be balanced with the present and the future? And who should decide?"

•   Adler adds to the discussion, asking: "Is landmarking a shield or a sword in the fight against overdevelopment?"

•   Two of New Zealand's most important Modernist architects are "shattered" by the loss of their buildings in the Christchurch earthquake.

•   Hawthorne offers a spring architecture preview: the Barnes Foundation's new home "will face legions of doubters"; the CicLAvia urban-design event; and Pelli "exercising other architectural muscles" with his new Red Building at the PDC.

•   Rose reviews the week in architecture (with lots of great links!): Aberdeen votes on DS+R's "Teletubby Park"; Poole's "rather clever" new bridge; and (another) cheer for the Wang Shu: "it's refreshing that this year's Pritzker could actually create a future star instead of "sealing an already stellar career" (could the Pritzker Effect be the new Bilbao Effect?).

•   Moneo to receive UVA's 2012 Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal in Architecture.

•   An eyeful of the eVolo 2012 Skyscraper competition winners.

•   Call for entries: AFBC's 100 Mile House International Open Ideas Competition to design a house using only materials and systems made/manufactured/recycled within 100 miles of Vancouver + Dwell/DWR Live/Work Design Contest: create a workspace "classic of tomorrow."


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