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Today’s News - Friday, November 11, 2011

•   Weinstein cheers Sorkin's "All Over the Map" as "a triumph of enlightened nay-saying and affirmation."

•   Carlson takes a long look at Orr's Oberlin Project that could be "a model for fundamentally reshaping the American economy and its society" facing "a future of scarcity."

•   Woodman sees Aberdeen as a poster child illustrating public referendums and "some of the dangers of putting complex urban proposals to a public vote."

•   Ross takes a long (and very thoughtful) look at the valuable lessons to be learned from Phoenix, the "world's least sustainable city."

•   A TV news report from Russia looks at America's post-9/11 "architecture of fear" (includes Rybczynski, who "calls the fixation on security 'bollard envy'").

•   Kennicott finds Occupy D.C.'s "DIY urbanism" rather refreshing: the protesters "have done what so many planners, designers and architects strive for but fail to achieve: They have 'activated' the urban core."

•   In London, good design (not just paint jobs) will be a key factor in the allocation of funds for post-riot regeneration.

•   McCracken takes on Nussbaum: design thinking is not dead: "Designers can be definers" (unless "they take their balls and go home").

•   Dvir tours the Tel Aviv Museum of Art's new wing with Cohen, who is quite pleased with his project, despite critics' claims that it "is in danger of upstaging the art rather than showcasing it."

•   Cloepfil tours the about-to-open Clyfford Still Museum in Denver: "Wow," he says. "Everything is better than I hoped for."

•   Rothstein gives (mostly) thumbs-up to the New-York Historical Society's revamp: the "overall effect is at once dizzying, alluring and disorienting... but it does inspire reflection."

•   An eyeful of the 3R (Refurb, Rethink, Retrofit) Award winners.

•   Weekend diversions:

•   Worrall really wanted to be wowed by starchitect-studded "Architectural Environments for Tomorrow" in Tokyo, but instead finds the whole "is most definitely less than the sum of its parts... given the architectural firepower assembled, the show fails to ignite."

•   Moore has a most amusing conversation with Conran on the eve of his one-man show at the Design Museum "despite his protestations."

•   Arieff suggests U.K. developer journey to AIA Seattle for an exhibit of shipping container with work by 22 international firms (so much for claims of intellectual property rights in Boxpark vs. City Mall Re:START).

•   In California, "The Utopian City Project" uses Long Beach as a model in a new exercise in imagining the "perfect utopian city of the future."

•   Weinstein finds the latter half of "Constructing the Ineffable: Contemporary Sacred Architecture" to be "illuminating" (the "architects steal the show").

•   Lanks looks longingly at seven of the world's best "Nano Houses."

•   Editor's note: On this Veterans' Day (U.S.), let's hope 11-11-11 bodes well for a more peaceful future.


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