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Today’s News - Thursday, November 10, 2011

EDITOR'S NOTE: Apologies for mssed posting yesterday - the technology gods were not on our side.

•   Chipperfield to curate 2012 Venice Biennale.

•   Moore looks at the controversy growing around Foster's proposal for a Thames Hub airport: is it essential or a potential white elephant (stomping through "a rare wilderness")?

•   Speakers at the UIA congress in Tokyo reinforced Frank's "belief that 'architecture matters' in just about every place in the world except North America."

•   King led a lively debate at the 2011 ASLA annual meeting: Are there any new ideas on cities? Yes and no: landscape architects have been "taking market share away from planners and urban designers" who seem to be "there to protect communities against design."

•   A new study proves it doesn't take exotic measures to retrofit buildings that lead to some impressive energy savings (now lenders might start stepping up to the plate).

•   Huxtable hails the return of the Empire State Building's luster: an "ambitious and expensive gamble paid off"; so, all you "jaded New Yorkers, join the international tourists - go."

•   Q&A with Pawlyn re: his passion for biomimicry (and why he's in awe of camel's nostrils).

•   Berg begs the question: Does anyone own the rights to shipping container designs as the Boxpark (London) vs. City Mall Re:START (Christchurch) battle brews over intellectual property rights.

•   Braverman creates "a romance between east African elemental aesthetics and inventive off-the grid sustainability" in Burundi.

•   Gallagher cheers the new addition to Saarinen's Cranbrook Art Museum that "the master himself would have admired."

•   The saga of St. Petersburg's Mariinsky Theater continues (at a cost of only $629 million).

•   New Orleans approves demolition of a historic St. Charles Avenue mansion: "one would think that razing a mansion designed by a big-name architect would be nigh impossible. Alas, you would be wrong."

•   Cary minces no words in a call to redesign the Intern Development Program, which "is more an exercise in arithmetic than experience" and discourages young practitioners from staying in the profession.

•   Eyefuls of CTBUH 10th Annual Awards and International Student Design Competition winners (great presentations - student work is amazing!).

•   The Dyson Award winner is a gadget inspired by a beetle (more biomimicry).

•   Call for entries: 13th annual Residential Architect design awards.


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