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Today’s News - Tuesday, November 8, 2011

•   An intriguing exploration of "how architects might participate in the provision of shelter on the Occupy Wall Street protest sites, and beyond."

•   Good timing, too - occupiers in Zuccotti Park are dealing with the dilemma of density "in classic Manhattan fashion: arguing about it, making deals and building upward" (and taking a census).

•   It looks like 1WTC might get a glittery glass base after all.

•   Hodges hails a "quiet revolution" that "has remade one of the Detroit area's gems" with a "discreetly elegant addition" to Saarinen's Cranbrook Art Museum.

•   Steve Paul on the art museum in the Arkansas woods that looks "rather organic, like some gigantic tree-dwelling insects or fat wormlike creatures sunning for a spell (he means that in a good way).

•   Finn is practically gob-smacked by the Crystal Bridges Museum: "You can take all those MOMAs, I'm happy here...Just the restaurant makes you grin."

•   Hadid does La Jolla with a 12,700-square-foot house; some neighbors are none too pleased (great pix).

•   Fort Worth's Sundance Square to get classically-designed boutique-style office buildings; now they just have to figure out what the square will look like.

•   Kimmelman cruises NYC's controversial bikeways with Sadik-Khan ("a piñata for their vocal opponents") - it's quite a journey.

•   A profile of the man behind gardens that defy gravity - the inventor of green walls.

•   Christo gets clearance for his river project in Colorado, which could "draw 400,000 visitors, both during the construction - which could become its own tourist event - and the display itself."

•   Russia has big plans to build a vast domed city for 5,000 residents 1,000 miles from North Pole: "a luxury lifestyle in the cocoon."

•   We have Post-modernism being dissected in NYC at the end of this week; plan to come back next week for TCLF's Second Wave of Modernism II: Landscape Transformation and Complexity two-day conference at MoMA.

•   We just couldn't resist this one: a collection of the world's funniest and/or most absurd signs (you will laugh out loud, we promise!).

•   Call for entries: Nominations for Cooper-Hewitt's 2012 Annual National Design Awards.


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