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Today’s News - Thursday, September 8, 2011

•   Arch Record offers an extensive overview of just about everything that's gone/is going on in NYC over the last 10 years.

•   CTBUH invited a bevy of industry notables to reflect on how the world of tall buildings has changed since 9/11.

•   Sorkin, Rybczynski, and Brussat see "smoke and mirrors," "black holes," and a "failure of memory" at Ground Zero (ouch, ouch, and ouch!).

•   Tuchman, on the other hand, finds the 9/11 Memorial "an eloquent gathering" that transforms 9/11 "from a day of tragedy into a place of remembrance, one that will henceforth be observed with grace."

•   Q&A with Libeskind re: the 10th anniversary, what the term "sacred ground" means to him, and the "musicality of the site."

•   Heathcote on the "criticism leveled at architects working with undemocratic regimes" (i.e. China), and why, perhaps, they "deserve more rigorous scrutiny."

•   On the other hand, the "architecture of the future" (by Western architects, of course) "will very likely resemble that which is being built in China today".

•   King x 2: on Apple's "spaceship HQ" in Cupertino: "it's refreshing to see real architectural ambition - even when that ambition translates into a sci-fi fantasy best viewed from a helicopter" + Four cubes that make up the Diane Middlebrook Memorial Writers' Residences "is not a static line of boxes."

•   Chaban finds a High Line building that is not an architectural blockbuster (gasp!).

•   The Brooklyn waterfront is about to be graced with a carousel housed in "in a pretty ritzy transparent acrylic jewel box" by Nouvel (so "where's the architecture?" wonders Wadler).

•   Thackara finds full marks are due to Aalto University in Helsinki for making "wellbeing their spearhead project in next year's World Design Capital festival."

•   Q&A with Korean "starchitect" helming the Gwangju Design Biennale re: what "design is design is not design" really means.

•   Crosbie on why his "New York Dozen" are architects to watch.

•   A RIBA Building Futures debate had critics, journalists, and architects pondering whether the architecture press has let down the industry: "the motion was not just beaten, it was battered."


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