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Today’s News - Wednesday, September 7, 2011

•   Goldberger ponders whether the new WTC is - and will be - successful: "The people will not come back, but the life of the city has feel the profound connection between these two truths" (even though some big-name architects haven't "produced anything close to their best work").

•   A travel writer looks at the 9/11 Memorial as a "dark tourist site": "Absence is clearly an overriding draw of Ground Zero."

•   Volner and Chaban take on the "trade in 9/11 tchotchkes" (it's going strong); and the official 9/11 flag, the "newest piece of the Memorial economy" (not exactly architecture, but very interesting/amusing/depressing).

•   New planning initiatives protect agriculture and nature while still accommodating growth; now all they need is a new name (new urbanism doesn't quite cut it - perhaps "agriburbia" or "new ruralism" will catch on).

•   Evolutionary biologist David Sloan Wilson continues to explain his contention that evolution is among the factors that drive community involvement.

•   Cary debunks 5 myths about pro-bono design work: it doesn't mean "free" design or sub-par results, and the payoffs "are not insignificant."

•   Murphy cheers much of the National Museum of Scotland's makeover - but at what cost (and he doesn't mean money).

•   A first look at Cloepfil's Clyfford Still Museum that was "no easy assignment" (the architect "must be glad that the legendarily ornery Abstract Expressionist is dead").

•   Boddy examines Bing Thom's career: "In an architectural landscape that rewards bland competency, he gets the strange but wonderful commissions - or more accurately, he makes them strange and wonderful" (though "Thom's Toronto lessons were hard").

•   Tischler tackles how Thom used Twitter and Facebook to design a library on a "draconian deadline" that was "barely long enough for a quick chat in the city hall parking lot."

•   Henriquez's post-Woodward's project "exudes a sense of levity" and "emanates transparency."

•   Kapoor and Isozaki create mobile (inflatable!) concert hall that will tour earthquake-damaged Japan.

•   An eyeful of FLW's last standing hotel in Iowa: even the naysayers are saying yay: "I was against the project all along. Now I have goosebumps."

•   Rockwell makes a pilgrimage to the Sir John Soane's Museum in London and "and gorges on design tips in the breakfast parlor."

•   Hammond and David tell their 10-year saga of how they beat the odds in making the High Line a reality.

•   In "Structure of Spirit, Design of the Heart" at AIA HQ, photographer Kenneth M. Wyner creates "a fantastical version" of Washington's architecture + "Design Story Tales" programs look oh-so intriguing.

•   The jury tags 17 projects to take home a SADI Award.


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