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Today’s News - Tuesday, August 16, 2011

•   ArcSpace brings us a colorful eyeful from the pages of "Construction and Design Manual: Architectural Diagrams."

•   Urban planner Vanstiphout delves deeply, thoughtfully (and eloquently) into "what the violence may mean for the future of Britain's cities"; lessons from France's "architectural circle jerk"; and "urban politics and hence planning and urban design are too often treating the city with ulterior motives, instead of actually working for the city itself."

•   Kamin, Hawthorne, Moore, and Davidson make their way to the 9/11 Memorial and come away with (mostly) mixed musings.

•   Russell x 2: his tour of Lower Manhattan proves that the neighborhood "has overcome antiterrorist bombast and mismanaged rebuilding to make a powerful case that cities can civilize."

•   He tours the construction site of what will soon be Kahn's (finally) completed FDR Memorial: the design of "a contemplative space in the middle of the city's noise and bustle...hasn't dated," and he hopes "visitors give both men their due."

•   Needham is not as positive about D.C.'s ("made in China") Martin Luther King Memorial: though it "has its strengths," the real story "is one of a bizarrely managed process."

•   A look at four cities "known for their architectural relevance - and four firms making waves in their cities and beyond."

•   Mays is dismayed the "taut elegance and forthright modernism" of a new Toronto tower is yet another "example of modern design integrity being compromised in order to mimic the old fabric of a neighborhood."

•   Mehrotra reflects on urban growth and the challenges facing Indian cities: "We need community consensus."

•   The Houses of Sagaponac Modernist enclave lets traditional designs in, "regardless of whether they were compromising the community's original modernist aesthetic" because buyers "want traditional out here" (oh well...).

•   Rochon's serious (and amusing) take on a few conundrums raised by Architect Barbie's Dream House: "Why does a single gal like you need a 4,881-square-foot dream home?" (never mind "those high-heeled booties aren't going to work on a construction site").

•   An ode to Kahn's 1961 library at Phillips Exeter Academy, "an enduring and visionary model for what a library could be."

•   Pierre Jeanneret's archives find a publicly accessible home at the CCA, with some surprises to be uncovered.

•   Woodman reviews the U.K.'s week in architecture (Alsop's "peripatetic history" included).

•   Paul Hawken pays tribute to Ray Anderson.

•   We couldn't resist: Tomorrow, landscape architects will hold happenings on city streets from Alaska to Florida and everywhere in between with simultaneous events.

•   Call for entries: Parks for the People: A Student Competition to Re-imagine America's National Parks.


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