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Today’s News - Thursday, August 11, 2011

EDITOR'S NOTE: A reminder that we're taking Monday's and Friday's off for the rest of August. We'll be back Tuesday, August 16. Happy Weekend!

•   Baillieu reflects on U.K. riots then and now: in 1985 "architecture was in the firing line"; but "this time no one's blaming architects for the riots" - and why "community" is such a "fuzzy word" that architects have hidden behind for too long.

•   The Global Cities initiative turns its focus on Auckland, "looking at ways to help the city become a better place to live and work" + Report on the draft Auckland Plan to create the "world's most livable city."

•   After a few stalling steps, it seems the Detroit Works Project to shrink the city is back on track.

•   Perhaps both cities could take a page or three from NYC's transportation commish Sadik-Khan, who seems to embody a "real estate developer, urban beautifier, bicycle advocate, and environmentalist" all in one + She describes her own vision for the city.

•   Davidson's requiem to the "endangered ordinary" that could apply to "unassuming" urban blocks everywhere becoming bland streetscapes: "these little buildings are not contenders for architectural immortality...Here, the preservationist impulse is needed not in order to cherish the past, but to safeguard the vibrant present."

•   Menking returns from the International Architectural Education Summit in Segovia with a message: "academics must retool their roles...or slip into irrelevance."

•   Manhattan is set to see its "largest hotel project in a decade" (68 stories, no less).

•   Q&A with Holl and Fabião re: their Cite de l'Ocean et du Surf in Biarritz (artistic philosophies included - and a terrific slide show).

•   Seattle gets its first look at plans for a new Jimi Hendrix Park: "there won't be any purple haze" (we so hoped).

•   An eloquent tribute to the legacy of Cavaglieri, who "championed the architectural preservation that shaped the modern city."

•   There's more than just politics going on in Iowa these days, so "architecture wonks, rejoice!" FLW's Park Inn Hotel "emerges with plenty for Wright fans to marvel at."

•   Brussat bristles at critics who "know that it is factually inaccurate" to describe some classical architecture as fascist, but "they repeat it anyway."

•   Liu and Chaban offer their takes on Kimmelman taking on the Times architecture beat: "Wanted: intellectually brilliant, stylistically inimitable critic" + Why didn't the gray lady turn to Davidson?

•   We'd like to go play at TerraCycle's garbage camp to see how much fun garbage can really be: "There is no limit on gross here" - and no limit to some very cool product design, to boot!

•   In Baan's new (beautiful) book, "he shows how fluidity dictates all things, from buildings to definitions" in Brasilia and Chandigarh.

•   Welton cheers "architectural vindication" for Cuba's National Art School that "languished for decades in a state of indeterminacy and ruin" via a book, a documentary film - and an opera is in the works!

•   A long list of the 2011 Brunel Awards International Railway Design Competition winners (alas, nary an architect mentioned...oh well).


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