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Today’s News - Wednesday, August 10, 2011

•   The U.K. riots: Sennett, Rykwert, Till, de Botton and Tavernor on why Britain is burning (special thanks to AJ for taking this out from behind its paywall!).

•   Ijeh and Inglis weigh in on the London riots: "The message for architects, planners and developers is a chastening one" and "The importance of the built environment to people's investment in their communities is consistently underestimated."

•   City planner Hornick weighs in with a (very) meaty analysis of what Rybczynski and Edward Glaeser are missing in their otherwise excellent tomes: "In proposing how to revitalize modern cities, both books underplay the critical role of the government" (this is much, much more than a book review!).

•   Reinmuth ruminates (at length) about the way cities are being made that "has drastically altered the context for architects" and "it's time for architects to stop acting like victims"; the answer is with architecture schools - but they seem to be "reluctant or incapable of addressing" the issues to "reconfigure the profession, so the architect re-appears in a central role in city-making."

•   Jordan's "crazy" ($1.5 billion!) Star Trek Park "does have an eco upside" (let's hope so, anyway).

•   Long cheers on AHMM's makeover of the Angel Building: does it deserve to win the Stirling Prize? "Probably not. But it certainly deserves to be a benchmark for quality as the city rebuilds buildings from the 70s and 80s that are coming to the end of their lives."

•   A sequel in store for a historic Queens movie palace that's been an eyesore for 25 years.

•   Here's to serious architectural goals for new recreation centers in Edmonton, including creating "a more walkable, integrated community."

•   Geoffrey Bawa Award winner Thanapathy talks about what moves him as an architect, and why young professionals should not "get carried away with social prestige, wealth and ambition."

•   Queensland's new government architect Middleton talks about the flood rebuilding process, working in China, and where the potential for urban design lies in the sunshine state.

•   Kamin on the win/win of Lagrange joining VOA: "The move appears to have benefits for both sides."

•   Greg Lynn digs into the mathematical roots of architecture.

•   Devlin delves into a mathematical equation to explain the essence of the architecture of the U.K.'s University of Cambridge.

•   Finalists are named in Energy Star's 2011 National Building Competition, Battle of the Buildings to test which has achieved the greatest percent reduction of energy use (some impressive results).

•   Architecture Center Houston launches its first film fest on Friday + ArchCH gives grant for documentary film to advocate for the preservation of the city's mid-century modern architectural heritage.

•   We couldn't resist: in Paris, the answer to the question of what to do with soon-to-be obsolete CDs: 65,000 of them make for very shiny artificial knolls (and we mean shiny!).

•   Call for entries: Calgary Mayor's Urban Design Awards + San Francisco's Center for Architecture + Design's "Architecture Is..." 3 minute video contest (architecture can be anywhere).


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