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Today’s News - Tuesday, August 9, 2011

•   ArcSpace brings us BIG's big mission "to create a true alternative scene to the remaining urban space of Copenhagen."

•   We are incredibly saddened by the news that we've lost Ray Anderson - one of the truly most amazing and inspiring people we've ever met; of the many tributes, we've selected two.

•   And doubly saddened by loss of two Australian talents.

•   Alsop and Lawrie leave RMJM to fend for themselves in their own practice (should we be surprised?).

•   John Cary offers our must-read of the day with his take on "the systemic problems" with the gender gap in architecture: Barbie may have gotten her dream house, "but her profession needs a makeover."

•   The style vs. substance debate continues: Woodman wonders: "What exactly is 'good design', Mr Finch?" (and is he being "being a tad disingenuous"?) + Modernist Michael Taylor "talks pastiche and passion" with traditionalist Robert Adam.

•   Gratz grumbles about NYC Landmarks Commission's playing loose with its own rules when it comes to makeover of Bunshaft's 1954 Manny Hanny Bank in Manhattan: "Is yet another ho-hum big box retail store more important than a singular landmark?"

•   More grumbling about "open" competition to design the Australian pavilion for Venice Biennale: even Glenn Murcutt wouldn't be able to enter under the current rules.

•   Staying with news Down Under: $6 billion Barangaroo getting "the all-clear" is a "slap in the face for the residents' lobbies, Greens groups and local councils" + Former Prime Minister Keating gives decision kudos for being "a triumph for common sense" (and a deserved slap in the face to SMH - his feelings, not ours).

•   King has high hopes for the Bay Area's Grand Boulevard Initiative for El Camino Real - but with reservations: the "underlying tone shows little appreciation for the energetic, if sometimes chaotic, architectural diversity that now exists."

•   In Jakarta, a developer "wages war" on what he considers the city's "high-rise horrors" to "to create a refuge more in tune with nature."

•   The new director of Texas Tech University's "budding college of architecture" in El Paso has big dreams for a school that could help drive downtown development.

•   Perhaps they'd all benefit from a physicist's findings that "simple, mathematical laws govern the properties of cities."

•   Moore's review of the week in architecture: though "it doesn't need a frilly plastic skirt," the Olympic stadium will get its wrapper after all (sadly, memory of the Bhopal gas leak is casting shadows); and Arad and Dyckhoff' and Foster - oh my!

•   We're delighted by the news that AIANY's Center for Architecture is spreading its wings to add a new space next door.

•   And we'd like to be in Vienna today for the opening of "Deadline Today! 99+ stories on making architectural competitions": Is the prize worth the effort?


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