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Today’s News - Tuesday, April 26, 2011

•   White offers a two-parter comparing San Diego to Calgary: one city's focus is on being a "tourist urban playground" and the other "a corporate urban playground" (S.D. "kicks butt" on many fronts, but then, so does the other) + how the two compare as a place to live.

•   New Delhi and Canberra: comparing the two capitals and how they echo each other in appearance and history.

•   Ouroussoff shifts into high gear re: Denari's HL23 condo overlooking the High Line: the "building is as sleek and muscular as an Italian sports car" (and "a milestone in the career of one of the country's most underachieving talents").

•   An architect comes to the defense of a Modernist/Brutalist building considered by some to be one of the ugliest buildings in Norwich, U.K. - slated for demolition: never mind its pedigree, "nobody has thought properly about how it could be reused."

•   Glancey cheers the British government taking architectural education for children seriously: "how can we nurture not just the Frank Lloyd Wrights of the future but a public who will push these budding architects, rather than sniping from the sidelines that all modern buildings are terrible?" (suggestions welcome!).

•   Indian architect C.N. Raghavendran has spent 40 years preaching that "architecture is about preserving that critical link between the built and the natural environment."

•   Rose offers a thoughtful take on nuclear waste: "Few architects have to design anything to last more than 100 years, so how do you build a nuclear waste facility to last for millennia? And what sign do you put on the door?" + Two architects' take on the steel shell that will seal the Chernobyl nuclear reactor: "an architect would have designed something so complicated it would have leaked" vs. "what's missing is the human scale, innovative shaping and symbolism that an architect's involvement would contribute" (so who's going to get close enough to see it?!!?).

•   Cloud architecture: cloud computing "harnesses the potential of new capabilities like a Frank Gehry while delivering the efficiency and elegance of a Frank Lloyd Wright."

•   With their new Integrated Design Lab, University of Idaho graduate students "are getting a leg up on the possibility of future employment."

•   The Scottish shortlist for 2011 RIBA Awards has 17 firms vying for the Stirling.

•   A good reason to head to Chicago this week: National Mayors Summit on City Design will focus on the power of art and design in city building.

•   Call for entries: Archi-World Academy Awards for architecture students worldwide.


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