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Today’s News - Monday, April 25, 2011

•   ArcSpace brings us an eyeful of Meier's resort retreat on Mexico's Yucatan coast (a vision in white, what else?).

•   A handful of must-reads to start the week: Queenan had us laughing out loud re: an imaginary philanthropist offering "a $300 million reward to any city anywhere in the world that dares to hire someone other than Frank Gehry to design its gleaming new art museum" (replete with a famous architecture critics and city planner who wish to remain nameless to avoid threat of being considered enemies of "iconoclastic swoopiness").

•   K. Jose sits in on an Architectural League Emerging Voices program that leads her into deep thoughts about 1972's "Five Architects," architects born in the 1950s being "a lost generation, if the built environment is to be the measure," and if the next generation is really ready to build.

•   Hockenberry hails 1980's "The Gods Must be Crazy" as what "might be the best metaphor for what's happened to design."

•   Metropolis magazine rounded up Brown, Murphy, and Szenasy to discuss the current and future "State of Design": science will most likely "be our first unlikely bedfellow in our dual mission of keeping our profession relevant and making the world a better place."

•   Richard Florida takes on immigration and its ties to innovation, finding "a close connection between the ability to integrate immigrants and the happiness of nations, too."

•   Kirschenfeld on the challenges, frustrations, and rewards of designing supportive housing: "the building type presents design opportunities that are richer and more satisfying than commonly understood" (so why not roll up your sleeves and "get gritty").

•   Charleston, S.C. debates the up- and down-side of a possible new cruise ship terminal: will it help open up an underused stretch of waterfront or overwhelm the city's cultivated charm?

•   Kamin and Bey on three proposals to re-use Bertrand Goldberg's Prentice Women's Hospital, with hopes that Northwestern realizes the building "is far more adaptable to new uses than the university insists."

•   Moore on Barcelona's Sagrada Familia: "If the building is monstrously, outrageously kitsch - and it is - it bothers neither its builders, nor the flocks of visitors" - but would Gaudí like it?

•   Turkish VIPs protest the demolition of a monument to Turkish-Armenian peace - to no avail (because the prime minister deemed it "freakish").

•   A conversation with Souto de Moura re: his Pritzker win: "The award might offer him opportunities to build abroad, but the architect is pragmatic. 'I like to build in Portugal. I feel at home,' he said with a smile."

•   Another amusing Q&A with the ever-amusing Starck re: motorcycles, music, and loos: "I know nothing about design or architecture. My daughter says I am a modern autistic."

•   Calys cheers AIA San Francisco 2011 Design Award winners: even in tough times, "the quality of design was still, well, magnificent."

•   An eyeful of "Burble Bup" - the winner of this year's City of Dreams Pavilion Competition for Governors Island.

•   Call for entries: 2011-2012 William Turnbull Design Competition: Drylands Design - Retrofitting the American West.


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