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Today’s News - Monday, April 18, 2011

•   ArcSpace brings us an eyeful of UNStudio's shopping center in South Korea (nothing like it in South Jersey - that's for sure!).

•   Iovine finds a bit of a silver lining in NYU's massive expansion plans: "as long as NYU commits to quality - and so far its hiring practices suggest it is - that inevitable expansion can be OK."

•   As the Empire State Building heads towards being NYC's greenest spire, the city heads towards requiring buildings to publicly report their energy use with "hopes the postings will shame energy hogs into making changes" (assuming energy hogs can be shamed into anything).

•   Kamin is not thrilled there's a chance Studio Gang's Ford Calumet Environmental Center (in the works for 7 years) could be seriously value-engineered or might be abandoned altogether: the design "remains as captivating today as it was on Earth Day in 2004...this design richly deserves to go from promising sketch to glorious reality."

•   Rochon cheers Edmonton "waking to the promise of invigorating architecture and enlightened design competitions" with a number of park pavilions and library projects.

•   Mays cheers a "comfortably backward" Toronto suburb "on track to get a jolt of modernist architectural electricity" while another project offers a cautionary tale of "the unreadiness of everyone but the very few to pay the price for excellent architecture."

•   Genocchio finds "something tragic" in Mexico City's new Museo Soumaya: "It feels derivative, provincial, and almost desperate to be noticed"; with all that money could have bought a "truly innovative piece of architecture."

•   Meanwhile, the museum's architect gets the Forbes treatment: "If all goes as planned, Fernando Romero may not be available quite as often for his billionaire father-in-law's future commissions."

•   Moore marvels at Belfast's revamped Lyric theater: it is "a lesson in how buildings should be built...a work of craft rather than process; joinery, not flatpack."

•   Dunlop offers a glowing progress report on ongoing renovations of Miami's spectacular Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.

•   Not such good news from Israel as a "one-time architectural gem" awaiting promised preservation continues to crumble.

•   K. Jose reports on a most interesting conversation between Viñoly and Iovine re: What comes after "postmodern" architecture?: "it's lots of little guys putting their names on real, if small, projects that will propel the profession forward" (with a touch of snark for IAUS).

•   To understand why the snark, do read Q&A with IAUS insider Suzanne Frank (all those starchitects before they were stars - fascinating history!).

•   Q&A with the director of Parsons' new undergraduate degree program in urban design and what exactly is being taught.

•   Glancey offers his pick of the best architecture for spring 2011.

•   Six win Sustainable Energy Europe Awards 2011 including Solar Decathlon Europe.

•   Co and Combs win Rome Prize in Architecture.

•   We couldn't resist: sci-fi gothic architecture via "subdivision algorithms."


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