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Today’s News - Friday, April 15, 2011

•   Glancey takes on Scruton's tirade against starchitects (see ANN April 12): "The philosopher should...keep schtum on subjects he knows little about."

•   A green light for Saudi Arabia's mile-high Kingdom Tower (apparently not being designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture - we found lots of names being bandied about, but no official word on who is designing it).

•   Margate has high hopes that Chipperfield's Turner Contemporary (opening tomorrow) will save the seaside town from its "doleful destiny"; says he: it's "a nice shed facing the sea with good light that the people of Margate feel is theirs and others will come to see. Anything more than that is wrong."

•   A new tower in Tel Aviv "highlights the benefits of one architectural firm overseeing the development of an entire complex" that broke ground in the '70s (no bowling alleys allowed).

•   Hopefully some good news for migratory birds: possible LEED credits (and possible laws) to get architects and clients to consider avian-friendly designs.

•   Coming up with a list of Top 10 buildings by women architects was not an easy task.

•   King finds a moral in an architect designing a set for a ballet company and a once-lively atrium now a "monochromatic void": "Designing for the aha moment only lasts so long."

•   Goldhagen on our dependence on architectural photography to understand buildings and how they may create aha moments but "reveal nothing of a building's functional failures."

•   Davidson offers a (most readable!) history of NYC apartment life and what it reveals about us: "a tale of need alchemized into virtue" (+ lots of other tales to link to).

•   Now hiring: a long list of Baltimore architecture and landscape architecture firms seeking fresh blood.

•   Deadlines loom: RFQ: Seminole State College of Florida seeking architectural and engineering services for its Altamonte Campus master plan + deadline extended for 5th Annual R+D Awards.

•   Weekend diversions:

•   Kamin on Anne Tyng exhibit at the Graham Foundation: finally recognized on her own terms (and not just her affair with Kahn).

•   Mies inspired Virginia Tech students; now their '09 Solar Decathlon-winning Lumenhaus spends the summer next to his Farnsworth House.

•   In London, Merrick marvels at the newly-restored workshop of "the first shock-of-the-new modernist 140 years before the official birth of the movement" now on permanent view at the Science Museum (great slide show) + Glancey grooves on the "captivating grid" of Wim Crouwel's "extraordinary alphabets" on view at London's Design Museum.

•   Ingels on his architecture comic book: "Our interest peaks when he introduces us to the term 'hedonistic sustainability'."

•   Jenkins is more than a little fed up with England's "cult of the ruin" and tomes by "the latest priests of the cult to celebrate its mysteries."

•   Kudos for the subtitle of Glaeser's "Triumph of the City" and for highlighting cities that are "in the midst of brain-power-fuelled turnarounds."

•   Kudos for "Made in Russia: Unsung Icons of Soviet Design" that is "an excavation of the history of postwar Soviet stuff...the last thing you could call them is ugly."


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