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Today’s News - Monday, April 4, 2011

•   ArcSpace brings us eyefuls of Maltzan's Mashouf arts center in San Francisco.

•   Merrick x 2: he minces no words re: the future of the profession (that even RIBA says "could die out by 2025"): "if architects and architecture are perceived as faintly trivial," why should anyone "pay more than lip-service to what architects think or say?" (your must-read for the day!) + A brighter note: picking Zumthor "is a real coup" for the Serpentine: "With him we are...into the mystic...Mr Atmosphere...the vibe is utterly anti-free market, anti-bling."

•   Images of Zumthor's gallery show a place to smell the flowers "abstracted from the world of noise and traffic and the smells of London" in a hidden garden designed by Oudolf.

•   Rochon has "no quarrel with" Pritzker pick, but hails "the remarkable talent of the architect - the woman - the Pritzker juries allowed to get away."

•   Hawthorne x 2 (and then some, reporting from the East Coast): Denari's HL23 in Manhattan is a "building of drama and cunning that rises over the High Line" (and his amazement at seeing so "many similarly ambitious buildings" around town).

•   His take on DS+R's Granoff Center for the Creative Arts in Providence, RI: it's "like a high-drama, high-design billboard...eager to advertise all the ways its design helps make collaboration not just easier or more attractive but, well, pretty much mandatory...Loners beware."

•   Some impressive voices offer their ideas about what might be done with the beleaguered (putting it politely), $2 billion Xanadu mall still stalled in New Jersey (Rockwell threw in the towel in '08).

•   Growing pains amidst the high hopes for Montreal's new Quartier des Spectacles (Rybczynski's hopes are far from high).

•   Can arts and culture save Detroit? "What we really need are more places for culture that aren't bars or major institutions" - now if only political and business leaders and philanthropists would get with the program.

•   Chicago's landmark but fire-ravaged Pilgrim Baptist Church "may be on road to recovery at last."

•   High hopes to make a Frank Lloyd Wright house in New Jersey part of the Houses at Sagaponac development in the Hamptons on Long Island (will it float a la Venturi Scott Brown's Lieb House, we wonder).

•   Uganda cheers its "first and only female with a PhD in architecture."

•   A good reason to head to Boston at the end of the week: American Planning Association 2011 National Planning Conference.

•   Call for entries (lots of 'em): Van Alen's: Life at the Speed of Rail ideas competition + The Generative Space Award to recognize break-through designs that improve health and healthcare + Rolex Awards for Enterprise.

•   One we couldn't resist: Lego releases Mies's Farnsworth House kit.


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