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Today’s News - Friday, April 1, 2011

•   Japan's post-earthquake rebuilding begins with extensive plans for prefab housing for evacuees.

•   Thackara suggests an alternative to trying to create a repeat "Bilbao effect" - in Bilbao: "The use of fancy architecture to boost economic development has diminishing returns and is increasingly quaint. Now there are better ways."

•   Hadid x 2: she wasn't happy with her podium ("adding dryly" she hopes her firm didn't design it) during her talk at the Guangzhou Opera House (she didn't like the floral arrangements, either) + Her once-lauded competition-winning design for a civic center in Elk Grove, CA, faces new politicians whose comments are not "intended as compliments" (a new competition in the wind, perhaps?).

•   Rybczynski revisits his '08 commentary: Architecture Is a Team Sport: So why do they award the Pritzker Prize to just one person? (worth a re-read).

•   Several firms make multiple appearances among the 55 projects on RIBA London Awards shortlist.

•   2011 Architectural League Prize for Young Architects and Designers winners hail form NYC to San Francisco, Boston to Detroit.

•   Weekend diversions:

•   The curator of "Imaging/Imagining" at PennDesign explains: "How have we imaged and imagined the terrain of water? How might we do so in the future?"

•   Benfield cheers "Neighborhoods Go Green!" - a "fantastic exhibit" at AIA HQ in Washington, DC: "When it comes to sustainable communities, the architecture profession has been both hero and villain."

•   Kamin x 2: he cheers the chance to see Virginia Tech's Solar Decathlon-winning Lumenhaus (and the Farnsworth House, too) + Chicago's PBS highlights Robert A.M. Stern, this year's Driehaus Prize winner - and much more.

•   Long cheers Stirling show at Tate Britain as "something of an event": it is "more than mere recognition for one of the great architects of the 20th century."

•   Architects from Singapore under the age of 45 take center stage in Berlin.

•   In Helsinki, there's still time to catch the end of a 240-hour movie of Aalto's Stora Enso HQ building (being projected in front of the real thing).

•   "27" is a journey to 27 countries and 27 practices by a filmmaker, two architects and a graphic designer.

•   "G" is a "restoration and critical analysis" of a "forgotten but influential avant-garde journal" and an "uncommonly rich means to actively engage with an historic document" (great images).

•   Louis Sullivan (and Richard Nickel) finally getting long-overdue recognition: a "publishing feat...that make this book a chronicle of mean and bedraggled defeat, and of honor belatedly conferred" (terrific slide show!).

•   "Clients From Hell" is a "slim, snarky volume that may have actual utility as a perverse kind of etiquette manual" that will make you laugh - and cry.

•   Our annual fave: Project for Public Spaces Faking Places (ex: traffic congestion solution for NYC: widen roads to 20 lanes and deport all bike riders to the Netherlands).

•   Happy April Fool's Day!


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