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Today’s News - Wednesday, March 30, 2011

•   Why Souto de Moura won the Pritzker + with Portugal beleaguered by so many problems, the prize is "a morale booster for the entire country."

•   Merlin says architects have moved beyond the "outdated caricature" of being "out-of-touch client-ignoring Hooray Henrys."

•   Rybczynski on the price paid by depending too much on the computer: "more time at the keyboard, less time thinking" (more time with a pencil and paper recommended).

•   Why we're all designers: it's a sobering thought "because it is dependent on proper education."

•   Lewis says fear of "long-range development plans are often unfounded. The challenge is not to stop change but to manage it wisely" (informed by facts - what a concept!).

•   A drama unfolding in Tucson has all the "caricatures and trappings of a NIMBY tale" - with a twist.

•   A rock star wants to build green (and huge!) mansions in Malibu: "an example of how developers can follow the rules, but still violate the spirit" of LEED (worth clicking through to project info/images).

•   Russell cheers Mori's Syracuse Center of Excellence that shows off "its construction-innovation mission with an angle here, a kink there."

•   A stalled Safdie project in Kansas City, sans roof and with "awesome" interiors and pools of stagnant water, is "a perplexing blend of hope and headache" (finish it or just tear it down and start over).

•   Lasky offers an in-depth look at how so much of Corbu's Chandigarh is landing on auction blocks everywhere.

•   An architect offers "provocative ideas" for the U.S.-Mexico border wall that would slow illegal immigration and "transform it in an economically, environmentally and socially beneficial way, to benefit both countries."

•   Qatar invents artificial clouds to beat the heat at 2022 World Cup (hopefully).

•   SWA's bike-and-pedestrian bridge is now the "favorite new thing about Houston...Given the project's lousy start, we didn't expect the bridge to amount to much. But against all odds, it turns out to be wonderful."

•   Lamster takes on Filler in a defense of the architectural monograph.

•   Obama appoints Edwin Schlossberg to U.S. Commission of Fine Arts overseeing DC architecture.

•   Call for entries/nominations: 11th Annual MASterworks Awards honoring NYC's top projects of 2010.


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