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Today’s News - Tuesday, March 29, 2011

•   This year's Pritzker Prize winner was to be under wraps until April 11, but a Spanish news source spilled the beans yesterday, so today Hawthorne, LaBarre, and Lifson offer their takes (Terry Riley chimes in, too).

•   An interesting mix debate: The Incredible Shrinking City: Can empty urban lands be brought back to life?

•   Hume cheers the trend of 21st-century architecture being about connectivity and community - a hard lesson for some architects "more inclined to stand out rather than fit in" to learn.

•   Cheek on the "tyranny" of the right angle "making Seattle's streetscape tedious" and "a little nonlinear thinking by designers can go a long way" - though some "architects tend to come unhinged from reality and create shapes that would better be left on the planet Mongo."

•   Hopes are high that fresh blood (and a future competition) will re-spark the "languishing" Houses at Sagaponac development on Long Island.

•   De Monchaux is more than a bit disappointed in Gehry's Manhattan tower: "This skyscraper tops out like a decapitated bundle of celery" that sits "on a six-story reddish masonry base with the grace of an ecclesiastically-scaled candle landing on a cupcake" (ouch!).

•   Carretero on the new home for the world's richest man's "mind-blowing" art collection: "it might almost be a coiled primeval creature straining to burst from the skin of a reptile...ethereal and otherworldly...a thrilling new treasure of modern architecture."

•   Long cheers Levete's V&A victory: "It is easy to see why she won...her project had the most conviction."

•   King corners a few stories, including a San Francisco synagogue returning to its pre-quake neoclassical glory and "a shot of shameless self-promotion."

•   A look at one of Philip Johnson's least-known works that may be his best: the 1963 Pavilion at Dumbarton Oaks.

•   Groves on a mystery landowner's planned 85,000-square-foot "mega-mansion" in L.A. that some very tony neighbors claim "pushes the bounds of common sense and decency" + Mystery solved: owner is a Saudi prince (quelle surprise!).

•   One we couldn't resist: a music video celebrates Mies van der Rohe (we kid you not!).


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