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Today’s News - Monday, March 21, 2011

EDITOR'S NOTE: Because of early morning travel plans, we will not be posting tomorrow, but we'll be back Wednesday, March 23.

•   ArcSpace brings us wHY Architecture's art center in Venice, CA, and KK's 10 very busy days in L.A.

•   Kamin strolls the Dallas Arts District to find a pleasing display of "trophy buildings," but still lacking "urban vitality" - though he does have high hopes for a park spanning a sunken highway that could thread together the city's "fragmented urban fabric."

•   The Museum of Design Atlanta may have been the city's best kept secret - but not for long: with new digs (and an architecture firm as landlord) across the street from the High Museum, "MODA will be suddenly hard to miss."

•   A retired NYC detective takes on reviving a forlorn upstate New York village, confirming "his status as one of America's best-known progressive developers" (whose guardian angel seems to be Jane Jacobs).

•   Litt is a little leery about what could become of Cleveland's downtown: it all depends on who pays for and who carries out (he hopes not a local) an important traffic study.

•   An eyeful of Corner's plans for Santa Monica's new Palisades Garden Walk and Town Square: "a collection of colorful and topographically diverse zones."

•   Lange minces no words about what could result from Ratner swapping "titanium for brown paper" (a.k.a. thinking prefab) at Atlantic Yards: "there's a thin value engineered line between industrial production and genius."

•   We'll know tomorrow if Holl's "contentious" Glasgow School of Art project gets the go-ahead (odds are it will).

•   A much warmer reception in store for Texas State's new Performing Arts Center designed with the community in mind.

•   London's next Olympic eye-grabber: cable cars crossing the Thames.

•   Madin slams plans to demolish his Central Library in Birmingham, U.K. for a £193 million replacement that is "a waste of money and not fit for purpose."

•   Correa x 2: architecture "is not a queue in which we all have to line up with the Americans ahead or the Chinese behind" + "In this age of homogenized culture, 'young architects have to stick their neck out to do something new.'"

•   Dunlop offers a lovely tribute to Alfred Browning Parker (including an amusing obituary he wrote for himself).


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