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Today’s News - Friday, March 18, 2011

•   Thumbs-up and thumbs-down for Eisenman's City of Culture: it's either "grand and farsighted" or "an expensive mistake. Probably one of the largest in the history of architecture" - depending on who you ask.

•   Saffron has a hard time grasping how Philly's new 20-acre convention center is on track to earn LEED Silver: it's "come a long way since it was the Hummer of convention centers. But it's still no Prius."

•   Kamin cheers a master plan for a long-overlooked Chicago neighborhood that "isn't afraid to think big or outside the box" (with a few reservations).

•   Mays cheers Teeple's "post-modern strategy for city building."

•  South Africa's new department of international relations and cooperation in Pretoria is an example of design compromise and functionality: "The brief was mouth-watering at first glance," bemoans its architect.

•   Bing Thom takes home RAIC Gold Medal (great slide show).

•   Palm Springs follows John King and comes up with its own list of architectural "guilty pleasures" (check out the KFC!).

•   What's in a Name? Part II (it was a good idea Mies dropped Maria from his name).

•   Weekend diversions:

•   Hugh Newell Jacobsen gets the PBS treatment.

•   Jacobs is inspired by "Vertical Urban Factory" at the Skyscraper Museum: it "struck me as timely, heartening, and prescient."

•   "Jugaad Urbanism" suggests that "a small-scale, object-based approach can sometimes yield great results" - but "not all jugaad stories have happy endings" + Q&A with curator Agrawal discusses what can we learn from the creative ways Indians solve urban problems.

•   "Raimund Abraham: Musikerhaus" at The Cooper Union celebrates his "singular work as an architect and educator."

•   "Anish Kapoor: Flashback" is wowing them in Manchester, U.K.

•   "Palladio at Work" at the Canadian Centre for Architecture "addresses contemporary questions."

•   Corbu x 2: "Le Corbusier" at the NYK Maritime Museum in Yokohama "illustrates the influence that ships had on building structures and design, and vice versa" + "Voiture Minimum: Le Corbusier and the Automobile" is a "compelling story of a perfectionist striving to create the perfect automobile" - and then some (great pix).

•   "Architects' Sketchbooks" is an "intriguing new book" for which 85 architects "have rifled through their studio drawers and thrown open their Moleskine notepads."


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