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Today’s News - Tuesday, February 1, 2011

•   Weinstein cheers a rediscovered Pevsner manuscript that reveals the architectural historian "as neglected urban designer. His commitment to the picturesque aesthetic for buildings and towns is as urgently needed as ever."

•   Hertsgaard's fascinating 2-parter that digs deep into Seattle's urban climate change survival tactics that other local governments are beginning to copy + Will Chicago or NYC "win the climate change preparation smackdown?" (and the difference between prevention and resilience).

•   Zeiger's first of a 4-parter to create "The Interventionist's Toolkit" highlighting "provisional, opportunistic, ubiquitous, and odd tactics in guerilla and DIY practice and urbanism."

•   Lewis extols the virtues of Berkeley's experiment in backyard cottages as "a potentially cost-effective, sustainable densification strategy for existing communities" - the challenge will be overcoming NIMBYists (read King's thumbs-up in ANN 01.14.11).

•   Saffron on the sad saga of Philly's Family Court project: "yes, it's nice in these lean times that the state will save $60 million...But the price of this debacle on Philadelphia's physical fabric? That's incalculable."

•   Russell cheers the "Bedouin curves" and "glorious sound" of Gehry's New World Symphony building (to bad West 8 "ruined a great idea by planting the park with giant faux Gehry ice cream cones in tubular metal").

•   King encounters "grandeur at an almost surreal scale" as he strolls the newly restored Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco: "Palace 2.0 reminds us that architecture can put us in our place - and make us like it."

•   The too often over-looked 2012 Olympic velodrome "threatens to give London games a good name...Here is something of genuine beauty, an elegant example of form following function."

•   Melbourne's Pixel Building is "a simple glass and concrete box filled to its gills with green features" - but with a colorful façade that doesn't signal "here stands Australia's greenest building" (and could get tired very soon).

•   A Denver architect builds a plastic house as emergency dwelling for Haiti and elsewhere that "may turn out to be his greatest design" (but his neighbors would like him to dismantle it soon).


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