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Today’s News - Monday, January 31, 2011

•   ArcSpace brings us eyefuls of BIG's big plans for a waste-to-energy plant in Copenhagen (we're thinking it might be worth learning how to ski!); and MVRDV's Balancing Barn for de Botton's Living Architecture.

•   Neyfakh does a very neat job in an exhaustive report on the New Urbanists vs. Landscape Urbanists debate - a must-read if you've been following all the froth and spittle ("What you're seeing is the New Urbanism about to swallow the landscape urbanists," Duany says).

•   Rogers calls for the merger of CABE with the Design Council "or Britain's quality of life will suffer."

•   LaBarre on SOM's "ambitious master plan" for Hanoi's first green-tech corridor (and hopes it really will be as green as claimed).

•   Heathcote cheers a "rash" of new business schools "by the starriest of 'starchitects' breaking out...creating a compelling landscape of academic architecture quite different from anything we have seen before" (great slide show).

•   Ouroussoff cheers a Holl library that will be "a haunting presence on the waterfront" in Queens, reminding us that "a library is part of a bigger collective enterprise. It's a lovely idea, and touching in its old-fashioned optimism."

•   Moore ruminates on Piano's London Shard: the "building doesn't dither"; it's "startling, part-graceful, part-clunky, impressive, slightly nutty...a true monument to the city that made it" (from the pix, it's really, really big!).

•   Kamin is thrilled GSA is putting big bucks behind giving "a big boost to Mies' Chicago Federal Center" (and work for lots of architects!)

•   King has high hopes (and a few reservations) about plans for San Francisco Police Department's big plans in Mission Bay: it "could provide a needed gravitas" to the area, but "scale is a challenge."

•   Freelon envisions "Celebrate Freedom" as the theme for a makeover of Houston's Emancipation Park, with hopes it will also spark local development.

•   It seems "architects are being written out of the government's plans for school building" as the U.K. turns to a handful of pre-approved "flat-pack" templates "already being drawn up by construction companies."

•   Campbell cheers two of his favorite Boston buildings winning his two favorite architectural prizes.

•   The (very interesting!) story behind the "pioneering" Elisabeth Scott, Stratford's Royal Shakespeare Theatre original architect, "who paved the way for other women to join the profession" but in the end, was "the victim of her own success."

•   One we couldn't resist: an eyeful of what some 20th-century visionaries and planners saw as NYC's future (draining the East River may sound like folly - unless you remember a plan called Westway).


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