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Today’s News - Wednesday, January 12, 2011

•   Rose visits Haiti and finds many reasons to balance reconstruction with repairing its architectural gems - and "one reconstruction project gives reason for hope."

•   Architecture for Health In Vulnerable Environments announces Housing and Health in Haiti competition winners. Q&A with landscape architect Tim Duggan re: Make It Right Foundation's efforts "to re-conceive the role of landscape architecture in post-disaster rebuilding."

•   Prince Charles wants to build an eco-friendly "utopia" for 15,000 with an Indian version of Poundbury, turning a "swathe of Indian wasteland on the outskirts of either Calcutta or Bangalore into a 'mini oasis in the desert" (with inspiration from the shanty town in "Slumdog Millionaire" no less).

•   Ouroussoff is none too kind to Broad museum: "there is something alluring about the design," but "early promise gets lost in a muddle of bad or careless decisions - and the city loses" (he's even less kind to its namesake "known as someone with a gift for getting the worst buildings from the most highly regarded talents" - a double ouch!).

•   Hawthorne on Broad adding a "new wrinkle": while his desire for outdoor space for his Grand Avenue museum is a good one, it's left his architects (who want the job) and an alphabet soup of city agencies "scrambling": it's "unclear who will get that job - and precisely how the decision will be made." - Russell's rundown on 2011's "banner year" for new museums: H&deM's Miami Art Museum is "one of the few bravura 'destination' designs being built these days."

•   Eisenman's City of Culture in Spain opens to cheers - and jeers.

•   Rybczynski argues that "demand-side pressures have forged the shape of American cities, not the grand visions of designers" (do we really need "bold new models like Masdar City" when so much of today's cities work so well?).

•   Residents of Robin Hood Gardens pick their favorite plan for redevelopment, but who knows when a decision will be made (at least preservationists are "heartened by delays to its proposed demolition").

•   Lasky cheers on Denmark's Index Design Challenge 2010 international student competition finalists (we do, too!).

•   Call for entries: Azure magazine 1st annual international AZ Awards + IFLA's Urban Boundaries international student competition.


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