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Today’s News - Tuesday, January 11, 2011

•   Q&A with an architect who explains how Low Impact Development can be an environmental, economical, and aesthetic alternative for those who lack the resources to pursue LEED certification.

•   The fascinating tale of a Port-au-Prince landmark that "has become a lone bright spot in Haiti's stalled reconstruction" (link to McAslan site for great images).

•   Merrick on what's in store for 2011: "Brute bigness will be a defining feature" (even the master of "anti-bling architecture Chippo bigs it up" - oh joy).

•   Czech architects launch the For a New Prague initiative to move beyond construction projects "guided by politicians' short-term and individual interests" to "provoke a dialogue" between city government and citizens.

•   The massive Royal Mecca Clock Tower "appears to have delivered the final blow to Mecca's architectural dignity."

•   Boston's newest skyscraper, "probably be the last large property built on the downtown side of the city's waterfront for some time," is ready for its close-up - with BSA as one of its tenants.

•   Calculating the social and economic ROI on green, affordable housing (it's pretty impressive!).

•   Kennicott, inspired by Gatje, bemoans the lack of great public squares in Washington, where urban design is "all about views, vistas and open sight lines."

•   Hume fumes as a Toronto gem falls to fire, calling it "demolition by neglect" by an owner who saw it as "an obstacle to profitability."

•   Heathcote wonders if clients and architects today "think in terms of their houses becoming a part of our future heritage."

•   As an almost lost London Victorian gothic treasure is about to re-open, the "building's real saviors go unmentioned - and uninvited to glitzy parties for its reopening."

•   Davidson gathers an impressive (and amusing) mixed bag of "arguers" to debate what NYC's greatest building is.

•   An eyeful of Room for London competition entries for a single room atop the Southbank arts centre (we'll take at least one!).

•   How could we resist a true tale about Texas and architecture that ends with: "They buried her in a martini shaker" (a truly Texas way to go).


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