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Today’s News - Thursday, December 2, 2010

•   Kamin has high hopes for what could be Chicago Mayor Daley's "last hurrah"; new life for a former (thanks to the mayor) waterfront airstrip: it "could become one of his defining legacies - a people-friendly showcase of 21st Century ecology."

•   A UAE architecture professor brings lessons from NYC's High Line home: "why is it so important for us - inhabitants of the Gulf's gleaming cityscapes? ...mega projects are not the solution to our cities; sometimes the small can be as effective."

•   In Las Vegas, CityCenter tries to deal with design challenges that leave passers-by passing by (could "no pedestrians" signs have something to do with it?).

•   U.K.'s Greenwich Millennium Village chooses team for "the final tranche" (again).

•   Heathcote's heart doesn't exactly heave over Stratford's new Shakespeare theater, but at least it is "now a civic building...and the old details are still there to enjoy."

•   Tischler gives us an eyeful of Safdie's mega-billion-dollar Marina Bay Sands in Singapore that's "already busy minting money."

•   A "time capsule" of Black history in Brooklyn is rediscovered and preserved - "preservation wasn't the only goal" (a very cool project).

•   An architect considers what's needed to conserve Cairo, and how it "teaches industrializing countries, sometimes by error, how to safeguard patrimony."

•   Reports of Alsop not bringing home the bacon for RMJM seem to have been greatly exaggerated.

•   Architects, academics, and journalists discuss the need "for improved management skills in architecture practices" (what a concept!).

•   Art Basel Miami Beach x 2: Roux raves about its pop-up architecture and how temporary buildings have "a remarkable way of animating our urban environment" + Slevin's Q&A with the (totally recyclable) Exhale Pavilion designers Hoang and Rotem.

•   Call for entries: Taiwan's Taichung Gateway Park International Design Competition.


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