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Today’s News - Wednesday, December 1, 2010

•   A fascinating look at what works - and doesn't work - for Chinese architects who want to be a part of the country's massive building program: it's either "Architects fall at the bottom of the production line" or "Now architects are placed at the center stage."

•   Glancey on the continuing tale of "Chinese doppelgangers" bidding for contracts in British firms' names.

•   Byles reports from Germany's IBA 2010, and finds "a model for healthy urban futures by scaling down" that is "a portrait of urban resilience."

•   HUD secretary explains how the U.S. plans to tackle sprawl, including a focus on green jobs, and supporting the designers that "are creators of green communities."

•   Farrelly fulminates about "big, shiny-new" bank HQs going up in Sydney and Melbourne that may be "all super-glassy and schmick" (meaning stylish, we think), but "not one gives a flying fiscal fig for the public."

•   Rochon gets a sneak-peek at MAD's Marilyn in Mississauga: "In a city with a reputation for building an unstoppable dull-scape," the development is creating "some serious architecture envy."

•   Critics cry out against Hong Kong's $200 million green jail: what about some healthy living policies for the city's seven million law-abiding residents?

•   An impressive shortlist for the V&A extension; and Tate Britain to get a £45m much-needed makeover after being "too often overshadowed by its younger, brasher brother downriver."

•   Bey on some plastic surgery planned for a Chicago building to make it "a sustainable - and snazzy - $45 million medical museum."

•   The Taiwan Tower competition winner is a doozy; now all the Romanian architect has to do is "actually build the thing."

•   An eyeful of the finalists' "innovative and colorful" proposals in the ARC International Wildlife Crossing competition.

•   Horton has a most interesting Q&A with Rybczynski re: just about everything (our fave: "landscape architects...can make very good planners, better than city planners, and much better than architects" - oh my).

•   Really depressing news: Office dA's Tehrani and Ponce de Leon "are at each other's throats over control of the company that brought them renown" (we said it was depressing).

•   On a brighter note, EPA recognizes 5 projects with the 2010 National Award for Smart Growth Achievement.

•   We couldn't resist: a French artist designs a fully functional boat to look as if it is sinking (no kidding - he's sailed it across the English Channel no less!).


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