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Today’s News - Wednesday, November 17, 2010

EDITOR'S NOTE: Apologies for missed posting yesterday - the technology gods were not on our side (it happens).

•   It looks like Foster's Las Vegas hotel could be imploded; and it seems the architect, who "reportedly isn't happy with the outcome," won't mind (the project is no longer on his website).

•   The battle continues to brew over proposed changes to Pelli's Winter Garden in Lower Manhattan - grand stairway-cum-amphitheater be damned (but temporary stage and seating for events - dinky folding chairs included?).

•   Baillieu almost fell off her bike "with shock" at the sight of Chipperfield's Turner Contemporary in Margate: "I mistakenly thought was a half finished hotel complex" (and the failed Snøhetta/Spence design? a "huge opportunity that's been lost").

•   King cheers on the "younger greens" rejecting "old ideas about urbanity": Manhattanization can be a good thing - in the right places.

•   West wonders why "regular Joes" don't get that we're actually destroying the planet: "Design has been so focused on making things better that we have neglected to use our talents to show what is bad."

•   Now there's proof that green-rated office buildings make more greenbacks, scoring higher rents and sale prices than non-green.

•   Zacks takes a long look at the Syracuse CoE and its role in reviving the struggling Rust Belt city: "What's exceptional is the extent to which the building anchors a larger vision for the city and the neighborhood" (and what a line-up to get things done!).

•   UCSF breaks ground on a new and oh-so-green $1.5 billion medical center.

•   A look at pro's, con's, and rebuttals re: the three "drastically" varied shortlisted proposals for Hong Kong's West Kowloon Cultural District.

•   An eyeful of Hadid's £100 million Rabat Grand Theatre in Morocco (it looks very Zaha) + she's the first to top FT Women at the Top "award for excellence outside the corporate arena": is she worried that the 'new age of austerity" in Britain, will hurt demand for her kind of architecture? "I don't have much work here" (but she is worried about young architects just starting out).

•   Bernstein on how Gehry "became an accidental real estate developer" and his role in redeveloping SOM's Inland Steel Building in Chicago (reception desk included).

•   Anderton offers lively conversations with those who know re: reconsidering the Cadillac, a Beijing-LA alliance to fight traffic, and Belzberg's take on how "design and architecture contribute to the understanding of the genocide."

•   Gruber is struck by the "lovefest" he witnessed at Corner's presentation for a Santa Monica park: he expected many "would decry en masse anything that wasn't a flat lawn. But the opposite has been true."

•   Fisher suggests that landscape architects should examine Olmsted's "often-overlooked path" in the mid-19th century to "see where the field might venture in the 21st century."

•   Drenttel and Lasky report on the Winterhouse Symposium on Design Education and Social Change: Challenges. Conclusions. Next Steps.

•   Buffalo's next generation of starchitects are starting in high school: "Looks like we know where Cooper Union's class of 2018 is right now."

•   59 "audacious" designs take top honors in the 2010 Spark Design & Architecture Awards.

•   Call for entries: 2011 Richard Kelly Grant to encourage creativity in the use of light (U.S., Canada, Mexico).


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