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Today’s News - Tuesday, October 19, 2010

•   A Tel Aviv suburb rebrands itself around kids and culture, becoming "an international model for urban renewal" (pigtails in the park look fun!).

•   Once known as the "Paris of the Middle East," Cairo is in danger of becoming "a grindingly ugly city" as many of its architectural gems are being left to crumble.

•   Hatherley on the new ruins of Great Britain: "For all their bright colors and cladding, the new urban regeneration schemes of the last property boom represent a new kind of bleak."

•   Though Olcayto has to explain to Hatherley that he did not mean "Cabe-ism" as a compliment (perhaps "a winking smiley" would have made it clearer).

•   King x 2: he cheers plans for the Exploratorium's new home on the San Francisco Embarcadero that ties public waterfront access to a private project: "The trick is to goose along the worthy projects, and to make sure that the public benefits are as attractive in real life as on paper" + East Bay's "elegant new icon" is a pedestrian bridge that proves society can - and "should aim to produce civic works on par with cherished landmarks from the New Deal."

•   Birkerts' Latvian National Library is finally under way (only 19 years late).

•   Kèrè (of "Small Scale, Big Change" fame) tapped to build an opera village in Burkina Faso.

•   Rochon relishes a "radical new kind of concrete...that can make us believe again in the poetry of architecture - that might even make us fall in love with infrastructure and what should be the thrill of city-building."

•   Litt cheers three Oberlin graduates' 8-year effort to transform a "tattered eastern flank of downtown Oberlin" with "with street-smart, environmentally friendly architecture."

•   Hume cheers North Toronto Collegiate Institute's "lesson in city-building."

•   Mays, on the other hand, is a bit dismayed by a new Toronto tower: "Even what's a step backward in the design of tall buildings" - and no place "for people who want to rear families in the downtown core."

•   Is Majorca home to first ever green cathedral? Who says?

•   We couldn't resist: Brussat muses on Steve Jobs' "iHouse in the iWoods" (will it be a wannabe Phillip Johnson's Glass House "on steroids"?).


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