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Today’s News - Monday, October 18, 2010

•   ArcSpace celebrates Baan's Shulman Photography Award.

•   An American architect reports from flood-ravaged Pakistan: "the damage is numbing...I'm struck by the accuracy of climate change predictions."

•   Duany and Speck on the efforts and advantages to reducing sprawl: "If we have learned one thing from the suburban experiment, it is that you can't grow a green economy on blacktop."

•   Gendall on the "unstoppable rise of landscape urbanism" in the 21st century city: the time has come for "designers relinquish the idea that architecture equals an autonomous building."

•   Biemiller offers a cautionary tale for other campuses as the University of Cincinnati faces a sticky wicket re: an Eisenman icon (and only 14-year-old!), the Aronoff Center: does daring design and "untested construction techniques justify the potential maintenance headaches?"

•   As another university project in Grand Rapids goes to another out-of-town starchitect, some question if it's time to turn to local talent instead - or is it the way to get the best of both worlds?

•   Litt cheers two new Cleveland State University projects that are helping to change the Brutalist campus from looking "like a cross between a prison and a factory" to something better: "If there's anything to regret...its that CSU could have made a bolder choice...and earned more attention for itself and the city."

•   Nouvel muses on making his mark on Manhattan's skyline (twice): "My buildings are more famous than me" (he "also prefers it that way" - oh really?).

•   A Zaha kind of day: Would buildings be better if more were created by women? Ask Zaha (maybe her Brixton academy will help change things?).

•   Moore finds her Evelyn Grace Academy "palpably exceptional, adult and unpatronizing," with "moments of adventure and intrigue."

•   Now the "old boys' network has just welcomed her into the grandest club of all" (a.k.a. Stirling Prize), Hadid still "comes across as weary but well-equipped for battle whenever there's any criticism in the air" (an amusing read!).

•   How some firms are coming up with creative ways to cope in the downturn, and deal with the looming loss of a generation of talent.

•   Miami Beach approves Shulman's plans for historic Lincoln Theatre that "crafts a bridge between 2010 and 1936."

•   Niemeyer at 102: "He continues to generate awe today, if anything because he is still working."

•   An insider's look at what it's like to live in a Mies housing project in Detroit.

•   A look at pricey (but cool) new prefabs: no trailer parks here.

•   Not quite prefab: the world's first $1 billion home ("It's only a family home, just a big one...It's no big event" - right).

•   ULI's 2010 Global Awards for Excellence: Pinnacles of Modern Design.

•   Call for entries: Trimo International Competition for architecture and design students: "The Life Stand" - a public architectural installation for a neighborhood in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


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