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Today’s News - Tuesday, October 12, 2010

•   Weinstein cheers Reisner's exuberant interviews with 16 architects in "Architecture and Beauty" (a touch of Keats included).

•   A cautionary tale offered by NYC architects to those who think they've hit a jackpot with a project in China (apparently architects from elsewhere are also chiming in).

•   The inaugural UK Passivhaus Conference and launch of the Passivhaus Trust gives a boost to the passive house movement.

•   Libeskind tapped to design the Institute for Democracy and Conflict Resolution, a new landmark for his U.K. alma mater.

•   Menking finds the Israel Museum in Jerusalem "a thrilling dialogue of space, light, and landscape" (great pix, too).

•   We posted the news yesterday that Mayslits Kassif Architecture's Tel Aviv Port won big; today, an amazing offering of images (the before/after's are most intriguing).

•   Q&A with Beverly Willis re: the making of "A Girl Is a Fellow Here," and how her rough childhood was a blessing in disguise: "I learned to stand up for when I entered the professional world, it was second-nature...I gave as good as I got" (now if only the paper would correct her age - she's only 82 - who needs 8 years added, no matter how old/young?!!?).

•   An eyeful of some architectural wonders in Seoul.

•   Researchers find that having a walking or biking trail in the nabe doesn't mean anyone is using it or that it enhances home values, though "aesthetics of a trail may have something to do with its usage."

•   Pennsylvania's Longwood Gardens is now "the heavy-weight champion in the living wall world" (great pix of some other contenders "from the artistic to the mammoth to the just plain weird").

•   Engineers Without Borders takes the NBM's Turner Prize by being "a platform for the next generation of engineers (and with EWB and AFH growing, could a Landscape Architecture for Humanity be far behind?).

•   Di Paola turns green flying with nonprofit SouthWings: "Aerial views expose the eye-popping scale of environmental catastrophes...Every policymaker should get up there to see the big picture."

•   To balance that depressing voyage, take a look at the result of aerial photographer Arthus-Bertrand's five-year odyssey: "Every stunning aerial photograph tells a story about our changing planet" (stunning, indeed!).

•   Call for entries: 1st Annual Global Excellence Awards to honor excellence in international interior design/architecture projects.


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