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Today’s News - Monday, October 4, 2010

•   ArcSpace brings us an eyeful of Holl's Glasgow School of Art that "complements its neighbor, but moves forward using a new language of light."

•   Stirling Prize-winner Hadid and her MAXXI, and new images of Lower Manhattan's Park51 Islamic cultural center (by a firm that may not actually do the final design) sucked much of the air out of the room over the weekend:

•   Glancey and Hatherley both say Hadid was the right choice, and both explain why there's little chance of seeing a MAXXI in the U.K.

•   Waite includes lots of quotes from Zaha's acceptance speech (oh, and by the way, Mather's Ashmolean Museum was the People's Choice winner).

•   Baillieu bemoans a stifling of debate: "we have no inkling of why Maxxi toppled the Neus and the Ashmolean, and neither do the judges because of the ridiculous secret voting ballot that RIBA now insists on."

•   A handful of notables offer their takes on the win (some thumbs-up, some thumbs-down).

•   New sketches of the proposed Islamic Center "give an impression of translucence and 'moving toward the future.'"

•   Pilkington and Glancey on Park51: the "drawings prove how far 'Ground Zero mosque' claims are from truth"; and "reveal a decidedly upbeat and glamorous building, more festive than threatening."

•   The project looks like "something cosmopolitan and could fit in fine as an annex to Superman's Fortress of Solitude."

•   BMW Guggenheim Lab will be "part architectural installation, part think tank, and part event hub...a vast and deliberately open-ended R&D project."

•   That's all well and good, but "if you are interested in the work of architects who are making change right now, without all the jargon, white papers and gobbledygook," check out MoMA's "Small Scale, Big Change."

•   McKnight says the timing of the MoMA is "just right," allowing the spotlight to shift from glitzy skyscrapers "to more altruistic undertakings" (terrific slide show!).

•   Litt on Cleveland approving revised design for the new convention center: it adds $40 million "to improve the quality and functionality of the interiors" (but more moolah will be needed if they want more than just grass and trees on the mall).

•   Behnisch Architekten's "Rubik's Cube" lab for Yale "undoes years of urban-renewal damage."

•   Rochon hails "architecture's new rock star" and his Fogo Island Arts colony in Newfoundland: "Pinch me. This might be a rare utopia but it is not a dream."

•   Auckland's mayor to create Honorary City Architect to "quality advice with fresh thinking and international perspectives" (no one named yet).

•   Congress got an earful at a hearing highlighting the benefits of green infrastructure and innovative design techniques that "can provide a cost-effective and sustainable alternative for overburdened communities."

•   NYT's Fall Design issue - Viladas, Ouroussoff, Lubell, Rawsthorn (Le Corbusier's "true colors," and a "San Francisco medical marijuana dispensary that is as elegantly designed as any fashion store") - it's a doozy of an issue, so plan to spend some time with this one.

•   The stars came out to draw for Farnsworth House and Glass House for NTHP's benefit auction at Sotheby's this Wednesday (some very cool stuff; some - decide).


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