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Today’s News - Friday, October 1, 2010

•   We lose Seinuk, a structural engineer who made tall, sleek buildings possible, and who taught young architects how to "bring poetry and power into their designs."

•   European Architectural Barometer shows "German architects are most optimistic about the future."

•   Booth on the "toughest trading period for British architects in a generation...but architects are nothing if not ingenious": dRMM sets sail (literally) for foreign shores; what will it mean for the Stirling shortlist (we'll find out tomorrow).

•   Bayley wonders if "we have reached the end of "'isms,'" particularly minimalism (not as long as Pawson's around, it seems).

•   Saffron on a historic Philly church that "needs buyer, not wrecking ball."

•   It looks like Steve Jobs' "unrelenting legal kung fu" will end with his 1920s mansion finally facing the bulldozers; and a first look at the plans for its $8.45 million single-family replacement.

•   An architect's own LEED Platinum home is bunkered into a hill: nothing about the project "was easy, inexpensive, or fast" (but it was worth it, he says).

•   Weekend diversions:

•   MoMA's "Small Scale, Big Change": Hawthorne wonders: "Has architecture rediscovered its conscience? Or is it just critics and curators...suddenly paying attention to design work that has been going on steadily, and right under our noses, for years?" + Gendall says "the notion of architecture tackling social issues is part of MoMA's institutional DNA" + the show "is a rousing display of ingenuity" + it "inspires - or, maybe, challenges - its be that mighty change we want to see in the world."

•   Rawsthorn rhapsodizes about the Frankfurt Kitchen: it dominates the "domestic gizmos" in MoMA's "Counter Space" (a fascinating read).

•   "Designing Tomorrow: America's World's Fairs of the 1930s" at the National Building Museum considers the impact of all six American world fairs of the depression era on the popularization of modern design.

•   Kapoor's Sky Mirror sculptures in Kensington Gardens are right at home among the swans (great slide show!).

•   Koppelkamm's photography of former East Germany presents "some unexpected contrasts" at Berlin's Museum for Communication (amazing images).

•   Meanwhile, Muhs's photos of Berlin highlight "the forgotten corners of a city in perpetual transition" (more great pix!).

•   Q&A with Kamin re: his new book, "Terror and Wonder" (and "everything from McDonald's to Mies").

•   A new tome celebrates Richard Kelly and his "nocturnal modernity" in architectural lighting design.

•   A Louis Sullivan documentary is a "loving look at architecture" with moments "that can only be described as 'design porn.'"

•   Vienna Design Week starts today!

•   We couldn't resist: an eyeful of natural fractal patterns that are just stunning.


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