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Today’s News - Tuesday, September 28, 2010

•   Jenkins minces no words about what he thinks London planners and architects are getting wrong" "We are not correcting but replicating the mistakes of the city's post-war renewal" because "the gods of modern architecture/planning don't want to lose their jobs" (ouch!).

•   Goldberger takes on CityCenter and whether Las Vegas can handle real architecture: the "risk is that good buildings next to outlandish ones will look quiet and bland." (and it's very car-centric).

•   King x 2: he cheers San Francisco's efforts to create experimental public spaces, but "bootstrap urbanism goes only so far" - it's time for the city to "to fish or cut bait."

•   He gives two big thumbs-up's to the shortlist of emerging local architects named in "what may prove to be the Bay Area's most intriguing architectural competition in memory."

•   An impressive shortlist vies for the new V&A at Dundee, with high hopes it will bring the Bilbao Effect to Scotland.

•   Hawthorne is much amused by a discussion about beauty among a starchitect-studded panel (moderated by an "ego-wrangler") who "have always eyed beauty with wariness" (sometimes it seemed more like listening to "a bunch of Hatfields discuss the McCoys").

•   Two architects explore Tropical Modernism in today's Ghana: "the social ideals of mid-century have given way to an ethos that promotes either signature forms or a mundane corporate aesthetic" (terrific slide show - a Weese included!).

•   Moore and Bradbury have interesting conversations with de Botton re: his Living Architecture adventure - which includes "an instant classic of Looney Tunes modernism" (you can now add "Serpentinism" to your architectural lexicon: "a belief in the special magic of the singular architectural object").

•   Architects call for a more a more "artsy illuminated Jakarta skyline."

•   A Shanghai Art Deco masterpiece that had become "a sagging monument to a lost era" is reborn.

•   Gandhi's Johannesburg house being transformed into B&B "haven of peace."

•   Archial is bought by a Canadian company, creating a "behemoth" called Ingenium Archial.

•   Four projects win AIA National Healthcare Design Awards.

•   Q&A with the author of "Edible Estates": the front lawn was intended to be "a well-intentioned common green that would connect us all" (it hasn't worked out quite that way, has it?).

•   Move over Kahn, Saarinen, et al...Yale's newest organization: the Architecture Appreciation Club for Underappreciated Architecture (the name says it all).

•   A good reason to plan to be in D.C. in two weeks: Fall 2010 SMPS Foundation Think Tank: "Wake Up, Recover, and Grow in 2011!"


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