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Today’s News - Monday, September 27, 2010

EDITOR'S NOTE: We couldn't resist mentioning today's milestone: this is the 2,000th posting of the ArchNewsNow newsletter! Here's to the next 2,000!!!

•   ArcSpace brings us an eyeful of Pawson at the Design Museum + good news for his plans for the museum's new home.

•   Ouroussoff takes us on an intriguing tour of the first completed phase of Foster's Masdar: a cross between a "medieval fortress and an upgraded version of the Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland," but it is "something more daring and more noxious" (he sorta likes it - we think; the underground driverless cars are cool).

•   Seattle selects Corner's team because they showed "an understanding of the city's grittiness and affinity" for its waterfront ("We do not want this to become Miami Beach").

•   Hinshaw cheers the Seattle waterfront design team's bold vision: it "has been in need of a good dose of quirkiness."

•   Kennicott x 2: amidst the "urban clutter of Southwest Washington" Bing Thom's new Arena Stage says "more, with more humor and poetry, than anything around it" (we agree!) + it "demands better neighbors" that should "force the city to rethink the usual ways it does business" (great pix, videos, etc.).

•   Q&A with head of NTHP's Green Lab re: preservation and sustainability, and how important they can be to cities' overall quality of life.

•   If your new museum is already falling apart, "just sue the architects: It seems to be the very nature of showbizzy modern architecture that it entails costly fixes" (Art Institute of Chicago's Modern Wing is only the latest).

•   Russian architect Boris Pasternak "rages against design of Moscow museum" opposite the Kremlin; it looks like "a Central Asian regional communist party headquarters" (alas, no pix or architect named).

•   Meet the architect behind the new Chelsea Barracks: he "defines success as being popular with his clients" (and local residents "are delighted with the new, low-key approach" - no pix - yet).

•   Glancey seems a bit gaga over BSkyB's new HQ: the "colossal TV factory" is "part ocean freighter, part James Bond set, part Darth Vader battleship" - a green and "mighty machine" that would be fun to work in.

•   Kamin cheers Ronan's new, "ruggedly handsome" Chicago prep school that "shines as a beacon of optimism: Without speaking a word, the architecture sends a message to students: You are safe here."

•   Meanwhile, back in the U.K., Toby Young is at it again: "pupils need teachers, not touchy architects" (blame "the involvement of vainglorious architects" if BSF schools tend to cost way too much).

•   Betsky bemoans the "evil of banality": America "can't even do tacky right anymore."

•   Blind architect Chris Downy sits down with our friend Peter Slatin (himself almost completely blind) to talk about the sensory world of design..."I like to think of the front-door handle as the handshake of the building - the feel of the grip speaks volumes."

•   Did Koolhaas's Milstein Hall have something to do with Cornell's bachelor and masters degree programs being re-accredit? (depends on who you talk to).

•   Call for entries: Housing and Health in Haiti (5 winning proposals will be built) + Call for contributions: Candide. Journal for Architectural Knowledge.

•   We couldn't resist: Hadid is #42 on New Statesman's 50 People who matter 2010: "Awe-inspiring cities of our future are in her head."


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