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Today’s News - Wednesday, September 8, 2010

•   An in-depth look at how some beleaguered cities are poised to make a comeback: instead of worrying about smart growth, planners are starting to think about smart shrinking, and how to create cities that are healthier because they are smaller.

•   An in-depth look at how urban farming is "pushing designers to go beyond their level of expertise," and how some cities are really getting behind the movement (though not all are convinced).

•   Greater Kuala Lumpur has a much bigger plan with the "aim to be the best contemporary tropical design city in the world."

•   A geographer puts the BP oil spill "into the broader cultural and environmental contexts of New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico, describing a complex history of third coast exceptionalism" and the price both are paying.

•   Zandberg is saddened by Tel Aviv's "secret garden nestled into the urban fabric," now "brought low" by new, "efficient" passageways.

•   Berg on Burning Man's Metropolis theme: "the urbanist discourse and its impact on actual cities and communities beyond the event - is likely to continue" (great pix, too!).

•   ASLA offers a newly expanded Designing Our Future: Sustainable Landscapes website featuring new case studies that range from multi-acre parks to an urban rooftop farm.

•   Sinclair's secret to Architecture for Humanity's success? "Never underestimate the power of well-meaning people to disappoint you...never underestimate the power of strangers to amaze you."

•   Rochon is more than a bit disappointed in the Toronto International Film Festival's new HQ: "What could have been released as a summer blockbuster of epic, original architecture turns out to be barely alive" (though "it's got some cool interiors").

•   Iovine on museums sprouting wings by two architects "respectfully updating popular designs from a bygone era"; and Stirling to shine at the Yale Center for British Art.

•   Broadway's reborn Belasco Theater leaves Isherwood "with a little bit of plaster dust on my shoes and a major dose of stardust on the brain."

•   Two FLW textile-block homes languish on the market, despite deep price cuts; maybe relocation a solution? (fab slide show!)

•   360 Architecture tapped for two California stadiums (even though one doesn't have a location - yet).

•   Five finalists teams make up an impressive shortlist for the ARC International Wildlife Crossing Infrastructure Design Competition.

•   Call for entries: 2011 Record Houses Awards.


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