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Today’s News - Tuesday, September 7, 2010

•   ArcSpace returns from hiatus with a triple: OMA in Venice; Andreu in Beijing; and Chris Bosse "re-loves" Verner Panton classic at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.

•   James Sanders revisits his 2003 NYT piece re: What does it mean to call Ground Zero "hallowed ground"?

•   Meanwhile, Dunlap on the current (and dizzying) pace of construction going on at the WTC site (great slide show, too).

•   Kotkin on the latest urban plight: the "unique link between urbanism and upward mobility is under threat."

•   20 years after it was squatted by a group of artists, a battle for Berlin's Tacheles arts center "has reignited a long-running debate about...who has the right to shape the urban environment" (lots of potential buyers who want to keep the building - "but no one wants the artists").

•   Aspen hopes to save Harry Weese's 1972 Given Institute, though University of Colorado has been offered big bucks for the property - sans Weese.

•   Some may complain about New Zealand's strict standards for building construction, but they sure paid off in the latest earthquake.

•   Moore melts in delight at this year's Biennale: it "shows what architects should spend much of their time doing. Which is to make spaces. With people in them."

•   Local talent scores win in competition to design the Museum of the Second World War in Gda?sk.

•   Three teams shortlisted for one of the U.K.'s most ambitious regeneration projects (original team strikes out, it seems).

•   Soleri's Arcosanti may "remain more dream than reality. But the ideas born there are no longer on the fringes" (the master's quips make this an excellent read).

•   Q&A with Kristina Hill re: what landscape architects can do to help manage the effects of climate change: "get involved in local politics to shape major investments of public funds...Policy debates are messy and volatile...We need to be bold..."

•   Merrick meets up with Hadid who mulls over new projects, urban design, and Iraq: "Going back to Baghdad will be very difficult."

•   Cheers for the Royal Shakespeare Company's major facelift: "better seating and more ladies' loos" (definitely worth cheering!).

•   Bozikovic cheers Toronto's new Sugar Beach, "Throw in the sights of the lake (boat! seagull!) and you have a winning park experience."

•   We're very pleased to hear that an architecture scholarship has been set up in honor of the late critic (one of our faves), David Dillon.

•   Holl to receive RIBA's Jencks Award: Visions Built 2010.

•   Eyefuls of the 2010 SCUP Award winners in architecture, landscape architecture, and planning + AIA Maryland 2010 Design Awards (both excellent presentations!).

•   We couldn't resist: pundits weigh in on the re-do of the Oval office, Obama style: from "The audacity of taupe" to "If Obama leaves a mark on his presidency, I don't think it will be through his fabric choices."


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