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Today’s News - Wednesday, August 11, 2010

•   A very NYC news day: A behind-the-scenes look at how the 9/11 Museum at Ground Zero is shaping up: "Despite the unfinished form, a profound sense of what it will be emerges."

•   Big plans for a Bronx plaza to make it a greener, less congested, and pedestrian-friendly space.

•   A "teapot-size storm has been brewing" over Columbia University's modest plans by "two celebrity architects."

•   In Berlin, "more is at stake than the age-old gentrification dilemma" with the threatened closure of a notable artists' collective (though to some it's just "a dirty version of Disney World").

•   McGuirk on Moscow's early 20th-century avant-garde architecture: it's "a catalogue of degradation...the more hallowed the building in the architectural history books, the greater its decrepitude" (bless oligarchs' wives for trying to save some!).

•   Wal-Mart finally wiggles its way into a Chicago neighborhood with a 180-acre development by promising "to be sustainable and sensitive to surrounding architecture (even CNU approves).

•   L.A.'s Century Plaza hotel won't bite the dust after all, but the proposed high-rise development next it "would transform the tenor of Century City's streets and dramatically alter the skyline.

•   Long lays on the superlatives re: Chatham Historic Dockyard's re-born Smithery: "If working on historic buildings is a form of surgery," this was "more like necromancy. This building has not so much been refurbished, as brought back from the dead."

•   An impressive design team chosen to breathe new life into the historic heart of Stoke, U.K.

•   We thought we'd heard it all - until: "Salvador Dalí's home town to be recreated in China" (where else?!!?) - but wait - there's more: "promoters have decided they can improve a bit on the original" (surely Dalí would approve).

•   CABE cautions Kapoor to go back to the drawing board for his ArcelorMittal Orbit tower: it "has a long way to go before it can get the thumbs up."

•   10 Things That Are Getting Better in 2010.

•   An eyeful of the James Dyson Award national winners (some very cool stuff!).


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