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Today’s News - Tuesday, August 10, 2010

•   McDonald on Dublin's future development plans: some fear "it could inaugurate an era of random high-rise schemes," but well-designed tall buildings in the right place can be a good thing.

•   Young architects have a plan to revitalize Sophia, Bulgaria - and the city is taking it seriously: the "most valuable contribution might be to get people talking about the city's future."

•   King x 2: "A shot of 21st century Manhattanization is what San Francisco needs" - the "irrepressible street life" and the "sense of adventure - a willingness to explore innovations at a large scale, rather than recoil from anything ambitious or new" + S.F.'s new, temporary bus station has an "airy informality" that "is inviting, and it suits our uncertain times better than you might expect" (rescued palm trees included!).

•   Kamin x 2: he reflects on Chicago's new "glass giants" that have "layered a new generation of glass towers into the skyline" + Roosevelt University is building a glass tower of its own: not quite a "glass giant," but it "could be one of the finest new glass-sheathed towers on Chicago's skyline" (if it doesn't get value-engineered to death).

•   Mithun takes on two mega-urban redevelopment projects that "couldn't possibly be more different": one to re-possess a built landscape; another to re-connect to a natural ecosystem.

•   Goldberger sits down with Richard Cook to discuss sustainable architecture, the use of nature in design, and the debates over the LEED standard.

•   Lifson has a lively chat with Heatherwick re: his Seed Cathedral: "I can't say that [it] makes the world a better place. But if someone's there saying, 'Mummy, why?' I'm pleased."

•   An old church "is now one of the most beautiful libraries in Ireland."

•   Sarasota's new Police Department HQ makes a dramatic architectural statement - a veritable "urban sculpture."

•   Portland and Vancouver, Oregon mayors want an iconic bridge for the Columbia River Crossing, taking issue with a report that says an off-the-shelf design would be better (and cheaper, of course).

•   ASLA issues its third Sustainability Toolkit: Social Models that includes community participation and public health models - from macro- to micro-scales.

•   Call for entries: Los Angeles Clean Tech Corridor and Green District Competition.


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