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Today’s News - Wednesday, July 21, 2010

EDITOR'S NOTE: Just a reminder that we're three hours behind home base for the rest of this week, so newsletter will post a bit later than usual.

•   An architect offers up solutions to India's urban monsoon woes: given the opportunity, design professionals would be "worthy allies" to collaborate with municipal authorities to change "the ineffectual status quo" - and offers one professional who's proving it can be done.

•   Jerusalem's Israel Museum - both a "crown jewel" of cultural heritage and "a bit of a mess" - has completed the "biggest cultural development project in the country's history" - on time and on budget.

•   Kamin gives one thumb-up to Target's debut in urban Chicago that "does a decent job of walking the city walk" - but "but rest of the project disappoints."

•   Hagberg cheers ZGF's "jaunty" new Jaqua Center for the University of Oregon that offers "the college experience writ architectural."

•   Updates planned for Christian Science Church's "world renowned" Boston plaza doesn't please some architects and art historians.

•   King cheers David Baker + Partners' talent to imbue buildings "with an adventurous urbanism attuned to larger social and environmental concerns - traits that should be commonplace, but instead are all too rare."

•   Pickrel is pleased with Australia's Riddel Architecture project that harvested materials from one residence to build another in its place: "working with recycled materials definitely did not hinder the firm's aesthetic ambitions."

•   Anderton gathers a notable crew to talk about a reinvented fan, a house made of an airplane, and new California design.

•   Shepard files a post-Postopolis report: "I am at a loss as to how exactly the wealth of information and ideas I witnessed might be put to work. What comes next?" (but a good time was had by all)

•   Christo is "delighted" with an environmental impact statement (perhaps the first purely about art) re: his "Over the River" project in Colorado: it "fits his vision" - but not all are convinced.

•   Brito returns to SCAD as dean of the School of Building Arts.

•   A good reason to head to Sydney next week: HotHouse Symposium - a "collective experiment" for architects, planners, and artists to cultivate a new cultural ecology for city spaces to address urgent environmental problems.

•   An impressive shortlist listed for Emirates Glass LEAF Awards.

•   SMPS announces 2010 National Marketing Communications Awards.

•   Call for entries: IIDA/Metropolis Smart Environments Awards: Sustainability, Accessibility, Beauty + 3rd International Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction ($2 million in prizes!).


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