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Today’s News - Tuesday, July 20, 2010

EDITOR'S NOTE: Just a reminder that we're three hours behind home base for the rest of this week, so newsletter will be arriving a bit later than usual.

•   Q&A with a Shanghai-based planning professor and urban-preservation expert about the death of vitality in China's flash new cities.

•   A British architect fears the U.K. "will be scarred as cuts end a golden age of architecture."

•   Haiti six months on: when it comes to the question of temporary shelter and permanent housing, "it is hard to find silver linings."

•   Is Make It Right getting it right in New Orleans?

•   Shortlist in New Orleans sustainable design competition to design self-sufficient homes that can be quickly constructed after disasters set to showcase local architectural talents on a global stage.

•   Cornell's Milstein Hall finally underway: the steel framing members "seem to defy gravity - as complex in construction as it is simple in form."

•   An Irish developer brings 5 Pritzker winners together at his vineyard in the south of France; unfortunately, there's "no intention to open it to the public" (for the time being, anyway).

•   King gives cheers to San Francisco's new bus shelters by Lundberg, but scowls at new bike racks: "other cities hold design competitions...we order from the catalog."

•   A Maryland town is a model of green infrastructure best practice becoming common practice: "If a small town can do this, anyone can."

•   Rochon revels in Beesley's Canadian pavilion for the Venice Biennale that "points the way toward materials that are light, healing and can potentially renew themselves...a highly speculative piece of artful architecture sweetened by its lightness."

•   Q&A with the architect who wants to be Toronto's mayor: "He knows how to draft a city, but can he run one?"

•   The last of the Case Study House architects doesn't dwell on his past - he's too busy building.

•   Portland, OR (as elsewhere) is having difficulty finding minority architects and engineers: "effort to raise awareness should start in grade school."

•   We couldn't resist: Groves grooves on Marilyn Monroe's Brentwood hacienda (it can be yours for only $3.6 million).

•   Lots of calls for entries: deadline looms for Seattle Central Waterfront Project RFQ + AIAS/Kawneer 2010 Schools of Tomorrow Student Design Competition + U.S. Fallen Heroes Memorial Open Design Competition + 2nd Annual BrickStainable Design Competition + REPEAT international competition to foster the creative spirit in digital fabrication.


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