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Today’s News - Tuesday, July 13, 2010

EDITOR'S NOTE: Just a reminder that we're three hours behind home base for the next two weeks, so newsletter will be arriving a bit later than usual.

•   Can Asian cities change how they build "before it is too late for all of us"?

•   Wesseler visits one of Shanghai's One City, Nine Towns projects and finds a "shabby and depressing" ghost town - great for Muzak and wedding photos, but will it - and the rest - ever become living communities?

•   Herron's 3-parter Borderland/Borderama/Detroit: "it persists in a death-in-life existence," perhaps a symbol of "the cost Americans pay for being who we are" (intense and thoughtful - plan to spend some time with this).

•   Glancey on what might have been if Lord Foster had kept his ermine robe "to campaign for a more intelligently designed country. Instead he let the opportunity go to waste."

•   Nigeria's vice president credits his training and career as an architect as a major impact on his vision of public service.

•   Meanwhile, the president of the Nigerian Institute of Architects calls on the government to take "'urgent measures' to curb the incursion of foreign architects that could 'spell doom for local practitioners.'"

•   A Colombian architect who has created bamboo structures "that defy the imagination" - and was convinced to lend his talent to India's Shanghai Expo pavilion (amazing pix!).

•   An architect who envisions transforming parking lots into Solar Groves; a few are popping up, though getting them to "full market acceptance is a very long trip."

•   Eliasson's Harpa concert hall in Reykjavik is "exhibit A" that "architects have everything to gain by his interest in architecture."

•   High hopes on hold as Libeskind's partially built Warsaw tower may be "derailed by bureaucratic obstacles" that send "a discouraging signal to international investors."

•   An "angry dispute" swirls around calls for complete demolition of the Nazi-era German Pavilion on the Venice Biennale fairgrounds.

•   King is wowed by the new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, but is not sure he buys "into all it represents" (edifice complex included) + Ohtake's slide show tour.

•   Schumacher x 2: a "remarkably concise and articulate structure made to make a point" + are we ready for these micro concepts? "My guess is no, we're not. Not even close."


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