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Today’s News - Monday, June 7, 2010

•   ArcSpace brings us an amazing eyeful of Holl's Linked Hybrid in Beijing (courtesy of Baan).

•   Speck rebuts Bruegmann's recent critique of "The Smart Growth Manual": "Reform means that you start with the processes and products that are currently in place and try to make them better" - it's "what keeps us in the fight."

•   Gallagher offers 10 tips for downsizing Detroit (#1. Stop calling it "downsizing"; #7. Check Cleveland).

•   Speaking of Cleveland, Litt lights up with just about every superlative in the thesaurus for Oberlin College's new Bertram and Judith Kohl Building for jazz: "a place of magic"; "a cascade of exciting sensations"; "brilliant use of materials"; "a magnificent investment" (need we say more).

•   Why London's 2012 Olympics are more likely to be known as the "Almost Green Games."

•   Lewis on why the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts' architecture review process is worth emulating: even if some of the work "is less than stellar," its "greatest legacy - not guaranteeing design excellence, but elevating design aspirations."

•   Moore finds out what Zaha's MAXXI is like with art on the walls: "works do not, as some predicted, shrivel and die in the mighty volumes of Hadid's architecture."

•   Kennicott waxes poetic on the very temporary opportunity to view Mies's Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library in all its glory: the demolition of an adjacent church reveals "the monumental purity of Mies's vision."

•   Revisiting Gehry's Experience Music Project 10 years later: "it's been a three-dimensional Rorschach test from day it provocative-in-a-good-way strange or just too strange?" (great slide show, too).

•   SOM's 1999 U.S. embassy in Ottawa opens its doors: "Reconciling accessibility with security was a challenge from the start."

•   Filler fills pages and pages about the "spiritual origins and transcendental aspirations of the Bauhaus" and its "myriad works that can still astound us" (well worth your time).

•   Geller x 2: he reports from the Shanghai World Expo, its "outstanding" international designs, and the many lessons it offers (great pix, too!).

•   AIA and USGBC create Design Fellow for Haiti to work directly with community members on the ground in Architecture for Humanity's Rebuilding Center.

•   D'Arcy wishes the Cooper-Hewitt's "decoratively-deprived" show "Why Design Now?" told its story with a little more style.

•   A Zimbabwean anti-desertification project wins the 2010 Buckminster Fuller Challenge, offering an "incredible ecological transformation" with "far-ranging ramifications."

•   AIA Seattle announces the 2010 What Makes It GREEN? Award winners.

•   An eyeful of winning and runners-up designs for an all-titanium bridge in Akron (and optimism that financing will be found).

•   Calls for entries: railLA: California High Speed Rail ideas competition; and GOOD DESIGN 2010 for the most innovative and cutting-edge industrial, product, and graphic designs.


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