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Today’s News - Friday, June 4, 2010

•   We are so saddened by the news that we've lost David Dillon, an eloquent critical voice in architecture.

•   Oates goes in search of a green urbanism for the not-rich: transit, humanely structured density, and public space "do not have to be postponed until the penthouses are all filled."

•   An in-depth, multi-media profile of the Rural Studio where students learn - and practice - the "architecture of decency."

•   Five young architects transform an abandoned Detroit house into "their very own lab rat."

•   What's the secret to reviving abandoned urban parks? (lots of history here)

•   Chandigarh, India, gets serious about saving its Corbusian heritage.

•   Unitsky's String Transport Systems could turn out to be a low cost, low impact, high speed transport alternative (if only there weren't so many if's).

•   An eyeful of the Beyond the Hive competition shortlist: the 5 five-star hotels for bugs will be built.

•   Weekend diversions:

•   Last chance to see "The Bilbao Effect" and "The Glass House": two plays that "present - and then undercut - the persona of the uncompromising visionary who dreams up buildings."

•   Arieff on why Cooper-Hewitt's "Why Design Now?" is so important: it shows the design community "some of it, anyway - has realized the need to stop reinventing the chair."

•   Iovine gives a thumbs-up to Arch League's "The City We Imagined/The City We Made" thanks "to the clarity and elegance of the presentation" + how the New New York Photography Corps actually pulled it off (great slide show).

•   The Göteborg City Museum hosts "Super Sustainable City" (great website here).

•   Sydney's Vivid LIVE bathes the city's iconic buildings in light and sound (terrific slide shows!).

•   Page turners: "Rematerial: From Waste to Architecture" spotlights young upstarts and notable names who are reusing waste for architecture (great slide show here, too).

•   Five new tomes no Frankophile (as in FLW) library should be without.

•   Iovine says the new edition of the "AIA Guide to New York City" is "perhaps the finest-grained study of New York's built environment that exists" (we concur!).

•   Miami puts out two "meticulously documented, tidily organized and richly illustrated guidebooks" (just in time for AIA convention next week): "Inclusion doesn't necessarily mean it's a great building."

•   And a new guidebook to "Vancouver's brave new architecture" (some mediocrity included).

•   Paige Rense retires (gasp!): an amusingly written shortlist of who could take over Arch Digest.


Faith & Form/IFRAA International Awards Program for Religious Art & Architecture

Institute For Urban Design - Rebuilding a Sustainable Haiti: Symposium

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