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Today’s News - Monday, May 10, 2010

•   ArcSpace brings us Eliasson & Ma Yansong's colorful, fog-filled show in Beijing.

•   There's much to learn from Shanghai besides the city's "sense of spectacle."

•   Hawthorne brings lessons home from Medellín and its commitment to "social urbanism," where "young designers, encouraged by forward-thinking leaders" has led to some "exquisitely designed" public buildings (great slide show).

•   Moore on Koolhaas's map of "Eneropa": it is "either prophecy or provocation, but whichever way it's worth having" (weekend in "Biomassburg" anyone?).

•   Laser mapping NYC will result in a detailed picture of city's physical space to determine where best to install solar power, what neighborhoods are most in need of trees - and a lot more.

•   Architects from Alabama come up with winning design for an eco-friendly, inhabited "hill" in Armenia's capital city.

•   The first of three reports from the "Good Jobs, Green Jobs" National Conference.

•   Iovine elaborates on Venturi, Scott Brown's objections to changes to their Philly masterwork (they "have never been known to go quietly over anything"); there's still time to submit your opinion.

•   Goldberger on Cobb's "shadow building" for Goldman Sachs: a "43-story paradox: an understated palazzo" - architecture as a "well-tailored" (and expensive!) suit; too bad all the "daring touches" (by some cool firms) are inside - visitors not welcome.

•   Meanwhile, Pei Cobb Freed's NASCAR Hall of Fame "embodies NASCAR itself: a combination of ingenuity, daring and a dash of foolhardy ambition."

•   Campbell finds a zone of Zen at a new, very green yoga and health center: a "daring and serious building" that "we need more of, in a culture that's become too often wedded to whatever is banal and familiar."

•   FJMT turns the University of Sydney's new law building inside-out.

•   LaBarre bristles at those who accuse the "brilliant" Maggie Centre initiative as "exploiting cancer to win architecture awards. It's a distinctly ungenerous read."

•   The next generation of health care design might just be found on a "movie set" that generates better ideas than any boardroom meeting could.

•   An architect who thinks small aims for an architectural culture that reflects Emirati traditions: "I don't want to build anything taller than a tree."

•   Q&A with Roger K. Lewis (one of our faves) re: the importance - and challenges - of being a citizen architect: "We have not entered the public consciousness in the way other professionals have."

•   de Botton x 2: Booth on his "Living Architecture" holiday homes designed by starchitects: "an attempt to cure the British public of what he believes is a widely held fear of modernist architecture" (second article has actual images).

•   At the end of a longggg saga, Poughkeepsie, NY, opens the Walkway Over the Hudson (the High Line's really big cousin).

•   Kent State University names Douglas Steidl dean of College of Architecture and Design.


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