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Today’s News - Wednesday, April 21, 2010

•   Phifer's new building for the North Carolina Museum of Art (opening this Saturday) strives to nearly disappear.

•   Hawthorne on Brasilia's 50th anniversary (today!): it was "built with an optimistic eye on the future," while today we design new cities "marked more by wariness and anxiety...defensive enough to seem nearly medieval."

•   Niemeyer himself says he is sad the city fell short of his egalitarian vision.

•   His "poetic monument" to the French Communist Party in Paris (with a Prouvé façade, no less) "still radiates unorthodox grace."

•   Meanwhile, his fairground in Lebanon, a "forgotten, sprawling artifact of architectural modernism," faces an uncertain future.

•   Pedersen is both inspired - and depressed - by what he learned at the Regional Plan Association conference: it "showcased some brilliant, pragmatic ideas," but there is "a huge gap between the technically possible and the politically feasible."

•   PlaNYC's plans for TOD rezonings may turn out to favor parking over people (meaning more - not fewer - cars in our nabes).

•   Kamin looks at Chicago's green roof program 10 years on: "the movement remains in its infancy, not only in numbers but in design quality...They're not all created equal."

•   Litt visits a little Ohio town that "offers big lessons in little ways" for Cleveland's Uptown project.

•   New £3 billion master plan for Chelsea Barracks goes traditional (sort of).

•   Merrick marvels at LAVA's high-tech skins for buildings: "it's not all about sheaths or turning condominiums into architectural condomaximums."

•   Filler on why SANAA "richly deserves" the Pritzker, and why this win makes up for previous gaffes and gives the prize "new luster."

•   China plans to give Algiers a new opera house "designed in traditional Algerian style by Chinese engineers" (we can't wait to see what that looks like).

•   Anderton discusses Apple worship and the art of branding with Andrew Blum and Sasha Strauss.

•   The amazing Archigram Archival Project goes live (and free) online.

•   U.S. DOE announces the 20 Solar Decathlon 2011 teams from around the world (and what they plan to build).

•   Call for entries: Design Against the Elements international competition to develop sustainable and disaster-resistant housing in tropical urban settings; and a deadline extension for Architect magazine's R+D Awards.


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