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Today’s News - Monday, April 19, 2010

•   ArcSpace brings us an eye-popping eyeful of SANAA's Rolex Learning Center.

•   Details are thin (and it's sad news to us): Gordon Murray + Alan Dunlop have dissolved their partnership.

•   Merrick on RIBA's new guidelines for architects on building bomb-proof structures: will it contribute to a "Fortress Britain" mentality, or just let "convivial landmarks" double as lines of defense?

•   A former mayor/architect is leading the effort to get an Oregon town to build an evacuation tower as a shelter from "the Big One" (be it tsunami or earthquake): "It's going to be distinctive, so people will know what it's for."

•   Talk about a bunker mentality: if you have $48,000+, you, too, could buy into one of 20 underground "assurance of life" resorts planned across the U.S.

•   Moore on British architecture and politics, and questions whether New Labor has "delivered on its promises of a bright new dawn for architecture" (a little political will from any party would be welcome at this point).

•   Can Ban's Pompidou-Metz become the next Bilbao? (it depends on who you ask.)

•   LAX's Theme Building saucer is ready for take-off (after some very inventive engineering).

•   Norten switches gears - and campuses - at Rutgers.

•   Grumbling continues re: University of South Carolina's architect selection process: was it absolutely unethical, or just crossed "a fuzzy gray line" (it depends on who you talk to).

•   Rochon, at her most eloquent, honors Raymond Moriyama and his "epic tale of a life devoted to driving 'a nail of gold'" (an epic tale, indeed, and a must-read).

•   Landscape architecture at Harvard's GSD steps out of its "fiefdom" to reinvent roles and link disciplines.

•   Q&A with Mia Lehrer on revitalizing communities, the Great Orange Park, and the L.A. River project.

•   Q&A with Lawrence Scarpa re: his aim to find the "extraordinary within the ordinary," the relationship between design and policy - and how to get them to work together, and his next big "adventure."

•   A series re: shipping containers holding "the potential to revolutionize urban housing" (great info, images; sadly, not all architects credited - tsk tsk).

•   A Brazilian architect imagines towers of stacked shipping-container apartments that owners could take on the road.

•   A proposal to turn the Great Pacific Garbage Patch into a habitable "Recycled Island."

•   Architectural vigilance pays off in Palm Springs, but "why do preservationists...have to continue to fight for each and every building?"

•   The Shanghai Pavilion at World Expo designed by an American - and built with used CD cases (talk about "extreme upcycling").

•   We couldn't resist: Glancey is amused by Brit election manifestos: "Soviet chic and austere hymn book...both are very funny indeed, and even funnier taken as a pair."

•   Call for entries: A Place to Flourish - The "Generative Space" Health Improvement Award (international).


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