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Today’s News - Thursday, April 15, 2010

EDITOR'S NOTE: We're off to ye merry London Town for a spell, so there will be no newsletter tomorrow; if all goes as planned, we expect to post (fairly) regularly next week.

•   King x 2: plan for San Francisco's Treasure Island offers "a convincing case that we can pair intensive new development with holistic and smart environmentalism"; and "49 Cities" at SPUR is "catnip to those of us intrigued by the correlation between urbanity and urban design, grand plans and real life."

•   Former Dallas Cowboys stadium site is the next piece in an urban puzzle to create "the densest, most walkable neighborhood" outside of downtown Dallas (watch the stadium implode!).

•   Brussat takes on Sarkozy's towering plans for Paris: "Never mind that people don't want it; the architects know better what is good for them."

•   A very thoughtful take on how the end of the building boom "has generated some thoughtful soul-searching by academics and architecture critics about appropriate priorities for moving forward" (a lot of paper architecture included).

•   Saitowitz's "splendid" Tampa Art Museum proves sometimes "less is best."

•   ASLA issues the first in a series of Sustainability Toolkits to aid policymakers and design professionals roll out sustainable projects at the regional, urban, and local levels.

•   Schupbach joins NEA as its new Director of Design with an agenda to include "Out Town" program to help communities develop and support arts districts.

•   Vilarinho wins competition to design the exhibition for this year's Lisbon Architecture Triennale.

•   Student Architecture + Design Initiative launches; now seeks student thesis submissions.

•   Weekend diversions:

•   Dyckhoff talks to Heatherwick about his "hairy" building in Shanghai, his current furniture exhibition at a swanky London gallery, and his "simple delight in imagining a shape and seeing if he can create it."

•   Zandberg views a Tel Aviv exhibit of young Israeli architects: "After years of searching, an Israeli architectural style that suits the times has been found: yuppie."

•   Moore finds Adjaye's "Urban Africa" a "monumental act of tourism could lead to so much more."

•   A plant/robot hybrid that lives off industrial waste comes to life as part of a show in Asturias, Spain (we want one!).

•   In "Citizen Architect" the "filmmakers' affection and respect for Mockbee is palpable."

•   Even thought "The Art of the Steal: The Untold Story of The Barnes Foundation" shows its bias, it brings to the fore "the dubious behavior of the power elite."

•   "The Grid Book" is "a breezy survey, accessibly written and sometimes provocative, but lacking the rigor and regularity of the grid itself."

•   "Public Architecture Now!" celebrates the age of daring design (great slide show!).

•   Hodgetts finds "AI: Artificial Intelligence" better than the movie (great pix).

•   "The Jesus Discovery" argues that Jesus was the son of a well-respected architect, "so take heed, architects - the next time someone accuses you of having a God Complex, you've got the perfect defense."

•   We couldn't resist: 30+ pix of the amazing structures going up for Shanghai Expo.


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