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Today’s News - Wednesday, April 14, 2010

•   Jacobs on the rebuilding of Haiti: it needs "less architectural magic and more garden-variety diligence" that will include local people and materials.

•   Kansas City's 5 million-square-foot SubTropolis, the world's largest underground business complex (who knew?!!?) offers a creative solution to global warming (if you happen to have limestone mines in the nabe).

•   In Abu Dhabi, things are still looking up (for the most part).

•   Litt brings urban planning lessons from Indianapolis back home to Cleveland.

•   Big plans to breathe new life into Swansea's run-down High Street: an urban village for creative types.

•   A Seattle architect calls for more gathering places in urban neighborhoods modeled on the city's successful program that used great local talent for its new library branches.

•   Meanwhile, a Seattle high-rise that's only 9 years old is too flawed to fix and will be demolished (finger-pointing abounds).

•   Campaign underway to save Lubetkin's Finsbury Health Centre in North London from developers.

•   Glancey glowers: turning Finsbury into "a boutique hotel or gym would be a betrayal."

•   Bernstein considers the "Pritzker conundrum": why have so few laureates designed hotels (and most who have aren't happy with them).

•   Who needs a Pritzker when you're on a winning streak like Holl?

•   Someday a Filipino architect will win the Pritzker, but "until then, it pays to look outward for beautiful, happiness-inspiring buildings as we delicately nurture our sense of place."

•   AIA officials discuss the potential impacts of the new health care reform bill, from new taxes to architect-only insurance policies.

•   When you have some extra time, NYT's T Design Spring 2010 has eyefuls of everything, including a "meticulously restored" 1964 Philip Johnson-designed trophy house (it's only 12,000 sq. ft.).

•   Contract magazine's Inspirations Award winners honored for their leadership in socially responsible design.

•   Call for entries: World Architecture Festival Awards; Beyond The Hive International Competition for the ideal insect hotel; and Naef Cella Toy International Competition (the last two sound like fun!).


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